Guernsey Island, Saint Peter Port (with Map & Photos)

Population of the country 65,228 people Territory of Guernsey Island 78 km² located on the continent Europe Capital of Guernsey Saint Peter Port.

Guernsey Island
Guernsey Island


There is a large selection of hotels on the island: from resort hotels to affordable student hostels. Most hotels have adopted British traditions, in particular, breakfast is almost always included in the room rate. Alternatively, you can stay in a boarding house. This is when local residents rent out three or four rooms in their own house.

Climate of Guernsey Island: Moderate, with mild winters and cool summers. About 50% of the days of the year are cloudy.

Guernsey Island
Guernsey Island


The island is small, you can cycle around it up and down in a day, local attractions will be of interest to travelers who have traveled half of Europe.

Cornet Castle was built at the beginning of the 13th century. Its restoration has recently been completed. The castle is the property of the people of the island, so the entrance to its territory is free. You can climb the tower, which offers a beautiful view of the entire island and the bay.

You can get to the neighboring tiny islands of Herm and Sark, where cars are prohibited and you can only travel on horses and bicycles.

Landscape of Guernsey Island: Flat plateau with low hills in the south.

Guernsey Island
Guernsey Island


House Museum of Victor Hugo. Actually belonged to him from 1856-1870. It was bought by the writer during his exile. This is a three-story mansion where you can see furniture and interiors of the 19th century, preserved personal belongings of Hugo, as well as take a walk or have a picnic in the cozy museum garden.

Guernsey has resources like: Arable land.


Guernsey is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Long walks on foot or by bike, leisurely pastime on the beach with a book, trips to art galleries and coffee shops. Recently, culinary tours have become widespread - these are tastings of local dishes, coupled with master classes in cooking.

In November, a wonderful holiday is held on the island for tourists - Tennerfest. This is when you can eat at local restaurants or cafes for 10 pounds. The beginning of May (up to the ninth day) is marked by Liberation Day (like our Victory Day).

Guernsey Island
Guernsey Island


You can get to Guernsey by ferry from the UK or by plane from London (as an alternative from Paris or Geneva).

Public transport - taxis and buses. You can rent a bike or car.

Standard of living

The island of Guernsey, like Jersey, is located in the English Channel and is also a possession of Great Britain, while being a separate country. Guernsey is an offshore zone, so it is an attractive country for doing business. Local residents are engaged in crop production, animal husbandry, fishing, oyster farming or working for the state. There is a low crime rate here.


Saint Peter Port is the capital of a miniature country. The city is somewhat similar to Riga: narrow streets, coupled with medieval buildings, create a certain atmosphere. Saint Peter Port - despite its miniature size, it is very beautiful and well-groomed. The architecture suffered little from the German occupation, so there is something to see here.

Guernsey Island Map