The Peculiar Glass Beach in California

Glass Beach (or Crystal Beach) in California is truly unique. It is not because nature has made it the way it is, but because time has corrected a mistake made by man on this coast. In the early 1950s, the area around Glass Beach became a public dump.

Glass Beach California
Glass Beach California

It's hard to imagine this today, but back then, people dumped all kinds of garbage into the ocean, including old cars and household garbage, which included a lot of glass. In the early 1960s, some attempts were made to control what went into the sea, and prevent toxic products from being dumped into the ocean.

In the mid-1960s they realized the mistake of throwing garbage into the sea, and the process began to open another landfill far from this beach.

Today and after more than forty years, nature has reclaimed the beach. Years of waves stirring the seabed have deposited tons of polished glass on the beach. Now what can be seen are millions of pieces of glass of various colors that shine in the sunlight.

Glass beach has several interesting areas to explore, such as natural pools that have been forming. We can find crabs, molluscs and many aquatic plants that make their home in this constantly changing environment. It is easy to spend hours observing this fascinating environment and all the little details that make it up.

Glass Beach California
Glass Beach California

Crystal Beach is now part of a state park and is protected by strict rules. For starters, you can't take crystal to take as a souvenir. This beach is considered a cultural and historical asset, and for this reason we want to keep it as it is for as long as possible.

Although the ocean is continually leaving more crystals on the beach, in recent years the amount has been reduced due to the fact that visitors always want to take a souvenir. The idea that they want to convey is that the beach is for exploring, picking up crystals, seeing the different colors and generally enjoying the entire area. Then you have to put the crystals back where they were.

As you may have already guessed, it is not really a typical beach to lie down to sunbathe or bathe in its waters, but it is an experience that can be unique. It can be said that it is a beach that transports us to another world full of colors and sparkles.

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