The Beautiful and Secluded Crane Beach in Massachusetts

More than 1,200 acres of beach, dunes and marine vegetation make up Crane Beach, and all this with a program of environmental conservation, but at the same time of tourism and designed so that people can enjoy this paradise with incredible natural resources.

Crane Beach in Massachusetts
Crane Beach Massachusetts

Overpasses, vegetation care programs, fenced areas protecting the dunes and more than 3 kilometers of paths that cross them. The fauna that shelters Crane Beach is extensive and ranges from insects to birds and exotic plants.

The white sands of Crane extend for kilometers of coastline ideal for swimming, forming a beach line of extraordinary beauty. There are areas to park and the services are very varied in the areas where one can bathe.

These services range from saving lives, renting bicycles to go around, drinking water fountains, showers, toilets and booths to change, etc. Every August, there is a sand sculpture competition that is quite famous and where the gathering of people is quite large.

Crane Beach
Crane Beach Massachusetts

One of the most entertaining activities on this beach, especially if you like to walk, is to visit the dunes just behind the beach, taking the alternative paths made for it, and going down to the Castle Neck River. However, you have to be in good shape and have a good sense of direction as the paths are rough and somewhat difficult to follow. There are maps that will help us not to get lost.

If you want to spend the whole day in the area, where we can even have a picnic in designated areas, we will have to pay an amount of money that will be invested in the maintenance of all these facilities for their good conservation, for which it will be worth the It is worth making this small investment twice, one to spend a good day at the beach and also so that Crane Beach continues as it is now.

Due to the nature of Crane Beach, there are no overnight facilities or restaurants. This beach truly is to behold and enjoy one of the most remarkable conservation areas in Massachusetts.