Castle Marvao, Alentejo, Portugal (with Map & Photos)

The Castle of Marvão was erected on a rock, at an altitude of 865 meters above sea level. The village is located outside the fortress walls. The first settlement here was founded by the Romans, presumably in the 2nd century BC or later. The exact date of construction of the fortifications is unknown. After the Reconquista, when royal power was established in Portugal, Marvão was regularly strengthened. To this day, the castle has been completely preserved and has become a popular attraction.

Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal
Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal

Of course I can't say for sure, but I can tell you that Marvão is a beautiful town whose visit justifies traveling to the Alentejo in Portugal.

One of the characteristics of this Portuguese region that extends to the south of the Tagus River is the accumulation of historical towns with castles, as is the case of Marvão.

And as I have been able to confirm on my recent trip to the Alentejo, there are other interesting towns, Castelo da Vide, Alter do Chao or Evora Monte.

Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal
Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal

Where is Marvão?

You can find the beautiful enclave of Marvao in the north of Alentejo, at the foot of the Sierra Sao Mamede and right on the border with Spain, near Valencia de Alcántara, not far from the city of Cáceres.

This has not been the first time that I have visited Marvao.

Moreover, being aware of its attractiveness, on a car trip that I made to Lisbon during Holy Week I decided to make the return route through that town.

I had no luck with the weather, because I arrived in Marvao on a half-rainy day, with a lot of wind and quite cold.

Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal
Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal

The town was almost empty of visitors, but despite the bad weather, I was really surprised by its spectacular location, its castle and the charm of its streets.

On my most recent visit, this time with very good weather, I have been able to confirm this charm and, without a doubt, it leads me to place Marvao among the most beautiful villages in Portugal … and in Europe.

As you approach Marvao, from afar you will see the silhouette of the walled town and its castle on top of a hill.

Castle of Marvão Map