This is the Magnificent Bow Beach in Virginia (with Map & Photos)

When beach season approaches in Virginia, Bow beach, also called Vault beach, automatically becomes one of the choices. This beach is designed for people who do not want to get bored and are not satisfied with just sunbathing or walking.

Bow Beach Virginia
Bow Beach Virginia

The options are varied and range from fishing, sailing, excursions, diving, and more activities that this area of ​​the Virginia coast offers. There are no hotels near the beach, but those that are available are just a short drive away, and by making reservations, they will take care of transportation to the beach.

The aesthetic side of Bow Beach is reason enough to stop by to see it, since the way the water breaks on the sandy shore leaves an aftertaste of a paradisiacal coast that reminds us of more tropical areas. This beach does not receive too many visitors, but that does not make it a less good beach than the others.

The beach is fine and of a yellowish gray color. The southern part of the beach may be windier than the rest, but the water usually stands out for its calmness, making snorkeling and scuba diving ideal to enjoy the varied seabed.

Many people take advantage of these spectacular settings to take photos with which to remember their time along this coast forever.

Woods Grove trees are a great source of shade on hot summer days. The drawback of Bow beach is that it has a fairly humid heat, August being the month where the highest humidity is recorded. Fortunately, the beach is surrounded by natural areas full of vegetation and green areas. This can refresh us in the worst moments.

Where do I stay and where do I eat?

As said, Bow Beach is not a beach where you can find hotels or places to eat or mingle. In fact, you will find little in this place more similar to a nature reserve than a beach where we can spend the summer.

If you are going to spend the day, take some sandwiches or something to eat on site. You can have dinner in a more conventional way in the restaurant/bar of the hotel itself on the way back from our day at the beach.

Bow Beach Map