5 Best Vacation Spots for Singles (with Photos)

When it comes to vacations, we usually think of making plans with the whole family or traveling with someone. The truth is that more and more people prefer to travel alone and enjoy solo vacations. This type of trip is often referred to as a singles vacation, but the truth is that they have nothing to do with being single or married.

Best Vacation Spots for Singles
Best Vacation Spots for Singles

Sometimes we just want to disappear for a while, and enjoy a vacation without companions. But what is the best vacation spot for singles? There are certain places that are better or worse to go alone, and it is not better to know in advance before making the trip.

When it comes to the best solo vacations, look for places that are both fun and safe. In this case we will talk about some cities that have proven to be ideal for traveling without family, partner or friends. They are places where the experience can be unforgettable and they have everything to make a single person (whether a man or a woman) have a good time.

This is the list for an amazing singles vacation that you will never forget.

1 – A trip to Las Vegas

Best Vacation Spots for Singles
Las Vegas

The first place on our list is a place that surely sounds familiar to you, and it's called Las Vegas. It is in the US state of Nevada and is already famous as the holiday destination for singles looking to party. In this case, it is more associated with a vacation for men, but in recent times it is changing. This city in the middle of the desert offers fun and entertainment for anyone who goes, regardless of gender.

Las Vegas has become a place where hundreds of things can be done 24 hours a day. It is a city that never sleeps where it does not matter if it is in the afternoon or at 4 in the morning. There will always be a restaurant to eat, attractions, shows and hotels open to have fun.

A singles vacation in Las Vegas is typically lounging by the hotel pool during the day, and partying around town in the evening. If that is what you are looking for, it is clear that Las Vegas is the place you are looking for.

2 – The beautiful city of Amsterdam

Best Vacation Spots for Singles

The Dutch city of Amsterdam is another one of those places that can be visited alone or accompanied. It is a very popular place all over the world, especially since it is considered one of the most liberal cities in existence. Its canals, its architecture, monuments and nightlife are ideal for any restless traveler.

The good thing about Amsterdam is that it offers calm and quiet holidays, but also very partying if that is what you are looking for. It is no wonder that many end-of-year trips are made in Amsterdam, especially for its famous coffee shops and the red light district. As many of you already know, the sale and consumption of marijuana is allowed in these cafeterias, although curiously it is not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco.

What many people don't know is that Amsterdam has some of the best museums in the world. Therefore, if you don't like the night life, you can do many things during the day. Visit museums, rent a bike to explore the city or do it by boat on the canals. There are also many bars with live music with bands of all styles and tastes.

3 – The city of Santorini in Greece

Best Vacation Spots for Singles

We already talked in another article about the beaches of Santorini, but not about your city as a destination for a vacation for singles. The truth is that Greece is usually related to romantic trips and romantic vacations. It is absolutely true, but that does not mean that it is also a place for a solo trip.

The city of Santorini and its surroundings offer many things, and not only its amazing beaches. There are ancient settlements, plenty of places to enjoy food and fine wine, vibrant nightlife, and much more to see.

Traveling alone to Santorini is a good option, especially if you are restless and like to see things. You can travel the entire coast in a Catamaran, stopping at the best places to do culinary and wine tastings. Most of the day will be covered between beaches and site seeing trips. Then at night there are many places where you can meet new people if that's what you feel like. In fact, many single people have returned from Santorini with a partner and it is not by chance.

4 – The Mexican city of Cancun

Best Vacation Spots for Singles

The city of Cancun is quickly associated with tourism and having a really good time. This Mexican town is also thought of as a place to go as a couple, but that is not entirely true. Cancun has proven to be an ideal place for a vacation for singles.

The number of activities that can be done are incredible, and it is not a surprise that Cancun is one of the most appreciated jewels of Mexico. There are incredible places for diving, surfing, kitesurfing, and all kinds of summer activities.

You may already know that the nightlife in Cancun is impressive, with venues and nightclubs that offer live performances, shows and more. It goes without saying how much fun someone can have on a bachelor trip.

If you are going to travel to Cancun alone, it is best to choose an organized singles vacation. They organize everything to take you to the best places and with total security. Unfortunately, in some aspects many places in Mexico have become somewhat insecure and it is necessary to avoid entering risk areas. To ensure a smooth trip, it is best to organize it at origin.

5 – A visit to the city of Miami

Best Vacation Spots for Singles

When we talk about one of the best vacations to go alone, in Miami you can never go wrong. Something similar to the trip happens in Las Vegas, where there are dozens of options to enjoy the trip. Of course, Miami has some incredible beaches that you have to take into account.

One of the first places to visit in " Little Havana " where there are restaurants, places and all kinds of places to have fun. The truth is that Miami is a great place especially if you don't mind spending money. There are plenty of shopping malls, shops, venues with live concerts, etc.

Miami is not a place where you are going to get bored at any time. Thousands of people visit Miami looking for a party, and you'd be surprised how many decide to go alone to enjoy this city. It is definitely a place that had to be put on our list of the best vacation spots for singles.