Baby Beach, Children's Beach in Aruba (with Map & Photos)

Baby Beach is the most popular children's beach in Aruba, located in a small bay on the southeast coast of the island, which is a shallow, protected lagoon. The shore in this shallow artificial lagoon is covered with fine white sand. The entrance to the water is quite long and gentle. Clean, clear, calm water and sandy bottom. The water level in the deepest place barely reaches the waist of an adult. Children play for hours in shallow water without the slightest risk of catching a cold.

Baby Beach Aruba
Baby Beach Aruba

But the beach is not only suitable for the youngest vacationers. This is a great place for snorkelers. There are rocky areas where you can watch clusters of colorful tropical fish. Marine life in the lagoon includes barracuda, squid, parrotfish, angelfish, eels and many other small fish. The range of most of these animals is limited by the bay.

Fans of scuba diving will love the local dive shop. Baby Beach has a snack bar, sun loungers, umbrellas and water sports equipment for rent. Also for families there is an additional option of protection from the midday sun. And since the beach looks like a crescent, you can always hide in the shade of the surrounding trees.

Baby Beach Aruba
Baby Beach Aruba

The island has over 40 dive and snorkeling spots, and the constant winds and abundance of waves have made Aruba popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers. Most hotels in Aruba are modern complexes with their own beaches and small parks. Below are the most popular beaches in Aruba:

  1. Eagle Beach
  2. Palm Beach
  3. Baby Beach
  4. Arashi Beach
  5. Manchebo Beach

Baby Beach Map