Coron Island 2024: Best Places to Visit (with Map & Photos)

Coron Island in the Philippines is part of the Calamian group of islands, located in the province of Palawan. It is an island that has earned the recognition of tourists as time goes by thanks to its majesty and excellent areas for diving.

Coron Island has seventy-one square kilometers (71Km 2 ) of land, being one of the largest in the Calamian group. The water is quite calm and clear, so diving in its waters is a high visibility experience, as you will reach approximately twenty meters (20m), maybe a little more, of aquatic observation. Added to nature are shipwrecks.

Coron Island
Coron Island

What to see and visit in Coron Island

What to see and visit in Isla de Coron? This is an area surrounded by a spectacular natural landscape that you should not miss, and is coupled with the underwater landscape that is also very pleasing to the eye, so I leave you some activities for visual delight that you will love.

  • Kabu and Bali Beach: Although the idea of ​​going to the beach immediately refers us to swimming, these beaches are so majestic that you will not be able to avoid swimming for a few minutes and spend some time contemplating the area, as they are landscapes really beautiful that will not go unnoticed.
  • Maquinit Hot Spring: Relaxation and warm water perfectly define this place where you can enjoy a pleasant and calm atmosphere. This is a very popular place for tourists, so it is the perfect opportunity to share and talk with strangers who also enjoy the adventure.
  • Siete Pecados: It is a set of seven (7) small islands that are really beautiful and turn out to be a great place for snorkeling due to how well cared for the reef is. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places you will visit on your way through Coron Island.

Things to do in Coron Island, Philippines

What to do in Coron Island, Philippines? Like any good tourist area, the island has its great strengths and particular attractions that come together with other activities that may not attract the masses but that are equally pleasant and very enjoyable. Here are some good activities to do in Coron.

  • Diving: Without a doubt, this is the emblematic practice of Coron Island. There are multiple diving centers that will take you to the points where you can do this activity and even if you have never dived they themselves give courses so that you learn to do it without problems.
  • Mt. Tapyas: This is a good activity for those who have plenty of energy and like to venture to more distant locations where they can afford to admire the beauty of the landscape.

Coron Island
Coron Island

The path is steep and there are at least seven hundred steps (700) that you will have to overcome to the top, but it will be worth the effort because the sunsets there are simply a dream that you should not miss.

  • Tours: Doing the tours offered by the various agencies on the island is a great idea, since it ends up being like a two-for-one in which physical activities are charmingly mixed with visual ones. Snorkeling, trekking and landscaping are the tourist trident that will tie you to Coron.

Tourism on Coron Island

Tourism on the Island of Coron has been gaining fame over the years, due to its diversity of attractions, among which are a great marine biodiversity, caves, hot springs and even volcanic lagoons.

But if you are looking for a good place to spend your nights after each day of adventure, the Paolyn Houseboats is a good place where you will be very well taken care of and the building is incredible. The food is delicious and the resort is full of things that are free for guests to use, such as snorkeling equipment and kayaks. It is the perfect hotel.

Weather and temperature in Coron Island

If you visit the island of Coron you should know that the weather and temperature tend to be very hot, with an annual average of twenty-eight degrees centigrade (28ÂșC). Although the rainy season is cloudy, the high temperatures remain. The driest months are windy, somewhat cloudy and with equally high temperatures.

The Island of Coron is perfect to enjoy beach activities, but if you want to hit perfectly in this type of tourist enjoyment you must arrive on the island between the months of December and March, when the refreshing drinks will fall from the most good and the beaches They will be the main focus.

Coron Island
Coron Island

Coron Island Beaches

The beaches on Isla de Coron are very beautiful and represent a great attraction for tourists. They are virtually pristine islands with crystal-clear waters, limestone-adorned surroundings and dreamy horizons. If what you want is to enjoy beautiful locations and landscapes, this island is the right destination for you.

Enjoying the sand, the landscape and the salty water of the sea turns out to be the experience that everyone wants to enjoy in this part of the Philippines and they are not disappointed. It is a great place to warm up in the sun and one of its iconic beaches is:

  • Banol Beach: This is a small, clean beach with typical areas where many tours make their stops so you can get acquainted with the local culture. You can swim to Twin Lagoon, which is an excellent location for souvenir photos. The area is undoubtedly highly recommended and the experience is truly rewarding.
  • Susent Beach, Beach 91, Smith Point Beach and Banul Beach: All these wonderful beaches are part of the same coast of Coron Island and the natural landscapes are undoubtedly something worth admiring, any point on the coast will be an incredible choice.

Coron Island Map