10 Public Beaches on the Alabama's Gulf Shores (with Photos)

With 32 miles of white-sand public beaches on Alabama's Gulf Shores to discover, you may need a little guidance on where to start. We've put together a list of 10 public beaches along Alabama's Gulf Shores that are available to you. Learn about their locations and the amenities that can be found on the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Gulf Shores Alabama
Gulf Shores Alabama

Alabama Point East-A Gulf State Park Beach Area

It is located 0.3 miles east of Puente Perdido Pass and offers more than 6,000 feet of wide beach in addition to sand dunes, boardwalks, picnic areas, restrooms, and outdoor showers.

Playa Cotton Bayou

It is located on Highway 182 and Highway 161 amongst some of the most popular condominiums in the area. There are restrooms and outdoor showers on site.

Romar Beach-A Gulf State Park Beach Area

It is located 6.8 miles east of Highway 59 and does not offer any facilities at this time.

Gulf Shores Alabama
The Gulf State Park Pavilion Area

The Gulf State Park Pavilion Area

It is located six miles east of Highway 59 and offers a beach pavilion with air-conditioned restrooms, private showers, a bar, shaded places to sit and eat, plus a large fireplace for those chilly days.

Gulf Place (Gulf Shores' main public playground)

It is located where Alabama Highway 59 ends at a dead end. There are beach attendants, three outdoor pavilions, a picnic area, plus restrooms and showers on site. This is a good place to play volleyball and hang a beach bar, plus the city of Gulf Shores has four beach mats for easy access to this stretch of beach. Arrive early to get a prime spot at this popular gathering spot.

Gulf Shores 2nd Street Public Beach

It's just two blocks west of Highway 59. Facilities include a handicapped-accessible restroom, outdoor shower, and a covered pavilion with picnic tables.

Gulf Shores 4th Street Public Beach

Offers only beach access with pedestrian crossing, perfect for those staying at nearby properties.

Gulf Shores 5th Street Public Beach

It is located five blocks west of Highway 59 with parking on the north side where the boardwalk leads to the beach. Also, parking is available on the south side next to Bahama Bob's.

Gulf Shores Alabama
Gulf Shores 6th Street Public Beach

Gulf Shores 6th Street Public Beach

It is located six blocks west of Highway 59 and you can walk the boardwalk to the beach. An outdoor shower is available, as well as a handicapped-accessible bathroom.

Gulf Shores 10th Street Public Beach

Offers beach access only with parking across the street. There are toilets and showers available.

Additional data, to visit the beaches

Parking kiosks are already installed at the Gulf State Park Fishing and Education Pier, and the Gulf Shores Beach Pavilion, as well as at public beach accesses in Orange Beach (Romar Beach, Cotton Bayou, Alabama Point and Shell Beach). Please note that these pay stations accept cash and credit cards, but do not return change or accept coins.

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