Holidays in Porto Venere, Italy (with Map & Photos)

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Porto Venere Italy
Porto Venere Italy

The village of Porto Venere is located in the Ligurian Gulf of La Spezia. On the one hand, it is protected by rocky mountains, so the passage to it was formed in the north, from the Cinque Terre. During the summer holidays, it can be difficult to book a room here.

There are some great fish restaurants on the pier.

The name of the city is translated as "port of Venus" - here, on a small promontory extending into the sea, once stood a temple in honor of the ancient Roman goddess of love. But at the beginning of the 6th century, a small church of St. Peter was erected in its place, because the Apostle is considered the patron saint of fishermen, who made up the majority of the population of Porto Venere at that time.

Porto Venere Italy
Porto Venere Italy


In the summer there are regular boats to the Cinque Terre, as well as to the island of Palmaria, which is separated from Porto Venere by the narrow sea strait "Bokke". The beautiful grottoes of Palmaria (eg Grotta Azurra) can only be reached by boat. The island itself has several walking paths and the popular Pozzale beach.


The unsurpassed local cuisine can enhance the pleasant impression of a holiday in this fabulous town. One of Porto Venere's most popular dishes is a soup made from sea dates, small mollusks harvested directly from the rocks. However, octopuses are no less loved here - they even have a separate holiday dedicated to them. In addition to all kinds of sea delicacies, traditional Italian dishes are served here, generously seasoned with herbs that grow only in the province of La Spezia.

Entertainment and Attractions of Porto Venere

This is a very cozy town, of which there are many in the Italian provinces, but at the same time it is endowed with a special charm. Porto Venere has a rich history of interesting events, which began in the 6th century BC, during the time of the Roman Empire. Evidence of the former luxury of these places are the ruins of the ancient villa Varignano, dating back to the 2nd century BC.

Porto Venere Italy
Porto Venere Italy

But there are sights of later eras in this small village, for example, the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, built back in the 11th century, the Roman gate through which you can get into the old part of the city, or the majestic castle-fortress of Dorino. It served not only as a family nest for an old and very noble Italian family, but also served as a defensive structure. This austere building blends perfectly with the local landscapes of unprecedented beauty, and is framed by rocky mountains and centuries-old trees. The central street of the city, Capellini, leading to the square on the shore, is decorated with portals carved from slate. On Piazza San Pietro there is a church of the same name, built in the 13th century. It is located right on a sheer cliff, offering a beautiful view of the coast and the Apuan Alps, as well as the coastCinque Terre.

All local landscapes are conducive to unhurried walks and reflections - it is not without reason that Porto Venere forever captivated many writers and poets with its atmosphere of tranquility and eternal harmony. It was this town that inspired Dante when writing his famous Divine Comedy, and Lord Byron was waiting for his muse in a secluded grotto near the shores of Porto Venere, where he reached exclusively by swimming. Now the locals call Spezia none other than the "Bay of Poets".
And above this bay along the sea, colorful houses with multi-colored walls lined up, in the old days they played the role of a kind of fortress wall, and now they are simply pleasing to the eye and have become one of the main curiosities of Porto Venere. It is noteworthy that the architectural appearance of the city has not changed much, that special atmosphere of a small fishing village has been preserved here, where everything goes on as usual, there is no rush and fuss, but at the same time life is in full swing.

Porto Venere Italy
Porto Venere Italy

Sea Excursions

A sea voyage along the coastline will help you take a fresh look at the city and secluded landscapes, the primordial nature of which has not yet been overshadowed by modern civilization. In addition, by boat or boat you can get to one of the grottoes of the Gulf of Spice, or to the nearby islands, where a special secluded atmosphere of marine romance hovers. The mysterious grottoes of the island of Palmaria are especially famous. In addition, the island has wonderful hiking trails and one of the best beaches - Pozzale. And for those who are most attracted by the depths of the sea, underwater excursions are regularly arranged in the diving center.

Directly by sea, you can also get to the unique village of Cinque Terra, the territory of which is considered a protected park and is under the special protection of UNESCO. In addition, you can organize a small climbing expedition to Monte Mozzerone, which is located in the nearby village of Le Grazie, which is distinguished by its picturesque landscapes.

All the beauty of Porto Venere can only be fully appreciated from the ship.

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