American Samoa, Culture & History (with Map & Photos)

American Samoa is a 7-island country located in the South Pacific between Hawaii and New Zealand. To date, the country is considered an unincorporated unorganized territory that is not part of the United States. That is, in fact, American Samoa is under the control of the United States, which ensures the implementation of the constitution and the protection of the territory, but the inhabitants of the islands do not have American citizenship and cannot vote in US presidential elections.

American Samoa
American Samoa

Basic Moments

The total area of ​​American Samoa is almost 200 km². More than 65 thousand people live on the tropical islands, 89% of which are Samoans, 4% are Tongans, 2% are Europeans and Americans, 5% are from other countries.

Although the Samoa archipelago was inhabited over 3 thousand years ago, the Europeans "discovered" it only in the 18th century. At the end of the 19th century, Samoa was divided into two parts, and the United States absorbed its eastern part. Thus, the territory of American Samoa includes the islands of Aunuu, Tau, Tutuila, Ofu and Olosega and two coral atolls - the islands of Rose and Swains. The capital of Pago Pago is located on the largest island in terms of area and population, Tutuila.

American Samoa
American Samoa


Travelers manage to fully enjoy the tropical paradise from May to September, at which time rainfall is the least, and clear weather prevails on the islands. In addition, the main holidays and festivals take place during the dry season. The most unfavorable time to visit American Samoa is from December to March, as strong tropical cyclones come here that can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. The air temperature throughout the year is stable at +26 C.

Entry Rules

There are 2 ways to get to American Samoa: through New Zealand, or through the USA, which means you will need a transit or regular visa from one of these countries. The flight from Hawaii takes 5 hours, and from Samoa - only half an hour.

However, if you intend to stay in American Samoa for less than 30 days, then a visa is not required. To enter the country, you will need a valid passport and confirmation of the absence of immigration intentions.

It is forbidden to import and export objects and things of artistic and historical value, meat and non-canned meat products, as well as products made from coral, sea turtle shell, feathers and skins of tropical birds and animals into American Samoa without special permission.

Departure from American Samoa by air is subject to a $3 tax. As a rule, it is included in the ticket price.

American Samoa
American Samoa


You must be vaccinated against yellow fever before visiting the country. Hepatitis B, cholera, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, and polio vaccinations are also recommended. Mosquito repellant is recommended, as they are carriers of tropical fever. In general, American Samoa is a fairly safe country if you follow basic precautions.


The main attraction of the country is considered to be the National Park of American Samoa, located on the islands of Tau, Ofu and Tutuila. The area of ​​the park is about 36 km2. Tropical relic forests grow in most of the National Park, which have already disappeared on other islands. The park is home to rare species of animals and birds, as well as picturesque coral reefs, which are protected and closely monitored. In the center of the park is Mount Alava with a height of 491 meters. The National Park of American Samoa has a network of low grade trails that are ideal for walking. They are located within the park itself, along Pago Pago Bay, and also in the northwest of Tutuila Island. The island also has a good golf club and several tennis courts. In the capital of Pago Pago, you can visit the Haydon Museum,

The highest point in American Samoa is the 650-meter peak of Matafao. At its foot flows the stunning Nuuili waterfall. American Samoa also has other attractions that deserve the attention of tourists: the Nuuili Pala lagoon, the amazing Turtle Marine Sanctuary, the unusual Waoto Marine Park, the Fagatele Bay National Marine Reserve and the Swains Private Island Reserve. All these natural monuments are protected areas of national importance.

American Samoa
American Samoa

Fans of water sports should definitely visit American Samoa, because windsurfers and diving enthusiasts from all over the world come to the country! You can ride the waves on the famous Carter Beach and in the bays of Leone Bay and Alofay. And the best sandy beaches where you can get a bronze tan are the beaches of the village of Alega, located on the island of Tutuila.

Travelers are advised to get acquainted with the underwater world of American Samoa. Here you can see more than 200 species of corals, 890 species of fish and several species of mammals. Fishing is also very popular. You can rent a fishing boat from your hotel or local travel agency, or head to the yacht club in Uthulei. Skipjack, marlin, wahoo, skipjack and yellowtail tuna can be caught in local waters.


Every July, American Samoa hosts Tourism Week. During this week, you can get acquainted with the achievements of the country in the field of tourism, take part in sports competitions, numerous holidays and watch the traditional Miss American Samoa contest.

The national holiday of American Samoa is Flag Day, which is celebrated in the second half of April. The celebration program includes a festival of Samoan art, canoe races, song and dance festivals, sports and fishing competitions.

We are sure that every traveler will get a lot of impressions and vivid emotions in a tropical paradise!

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