Kamishihoro, Hokkaido, Japan (with Map & Photos)

Kamishihoro is a city in Tokachi, in the far north of Hokkaido, Japan. In the southern part of the city, there is the Tokachi Plain, where the city center is located. The northern and central part of the city is located in the Daisetsu mountainous area. In the old days, forestry was prosperous, but now it has disappeared. To the north of Nukabir stands an almost abandoned village.

Kamishihoro Japan
Kamishihoro Japan

Landmarks in Kamishihoro

Taushubetsu Bridge. An arched bridge of the old Shikhoro line leads to Lake Nukabira (artificial lake). A drop in water level appears depending on the season. Depending on the amount of precipitation this year, the water level rises at the beginning of summer, as a rule, everyone becomes visible in winter. The forest road leading to the bridge is, in principle, closed. You can climb to the foot of the bridge if you take a guided tour.

Kamishihoro Japan
Kamishihoro Japan

Mikuni Pass. (30 km from Nukabir. Drive the road capable of driving at the highest point in Hokkaido, Kamishihoro. Views of the majestic views from the parking lot along National Route 273.

Lupine in Mitsumata. An abandoned village planted with lupines, which has grown at the expense of local mosquitoes, has become an old-timer. A wooden walkway is provided. The best time to visit is July. Free entry.

Nightai Kogen Bokujo. 7 am - 7 pm. The largest public ranch in Japan. Above there is an observation deck and a rest house. Free entry.

Nukabira Ski Area, Nukabira-gensenkyo

The hot springs

Nukabira Onsen, Nukabira-gensenkyo. The city of hot springs, where the hotel has 9 hotels. Inn of all those involved in bathing. Recommended for outdoor swimming along the Yumotokan Valley and for swimming in Sankosō Cave. Swimming only ¥ 400 - 700.

Horoka Onsen Kanoya, Horoka. (15 km from Nukabir). One hotel in the mountains. Mixed bathing. Bathing 500 yen.

Iwama Onsen. (15 km of gravel road from Mitsumata Bridge, National Route 273.). Free outdoor hot spring in the mountains.

How to get there

By Bus There is a bus

service from Obihiro to Kamishikoro (city center) with 16 trips per week every weekday. There is another highway bus from Obihiro to Asahikawa with 2 round trips.

By car

National Route 241 runs through the city on the route from Obihiro to Ashoro. National Route 273 runs from the city center to Asahikawa.

Kamishihoro Map