Chicago Weather, The Weather by Month (with Map & Photos)

We offer you complete information about the weather in Chicago. The weather in this American city is very different at each time of the year, so it is essential to know it and know what to take with you. We have prepared a list for you month by month.

Chicago Weather
Chicago Weather

The Weather in Chicago

The climate in Chicago is continental but it is very marked by its geographical location: the city is located, roughly, between the Central Sierra and the Atlantic Ocean. This causes that the climate in Chicago is characterized by extremely cold winters, hot summers and quite cloudy springs and autumns, with frequent rainfall and, sometimes, strong winds. This contrasting climate causes it to reach -20º in winter and 30º in summer. In fact, the temperature in Chicago differs somewhat from that of the rest of the state of Illinois.; its buildings and proximity to Lake Michigan mean that it is normally somewhat higher than in the rural areas of the region. In short, a variable climate, of contrasts, with snowy winters and summers in which you will appreciate taking a dip on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Chicago Weather
Chicago Weather

When to travel to Chicago? The best time

It will not only depend on personal tastes, but also on the time of year, as we mentioned above. Anyway, if you want to visit many places, walk around the city, go out at night... we recommend visiting Chicago during the summer, since in winter, the weather is extremely cold. It is true that experiencing the city covered in white is very beautiful, but one does not feel like walking or moving around unheated places.

Regarding spring and autumn, they are not bad options. However, during the spring, Chicago becomes cloudy and with frequent rainfall, which makes it impractical to move around the city on foot. On the other hand, autumn is a slightly more pleasant season, since it is not as rainy as spring but not as hot as in summer. For this reason, the best times to travel in Chicago are summer and fall, when temperatures are a little warmer and more pleasant to go to visit tourist attractions or simply get to know the city from onecomfortable and practical way.

Next, we will explain the weather in Chicago month by month, with some advice on what you should take to wear. Thus, you can decide what is your best time of year to visit it. Remember that you have available a complete article on luggage to take on a trip to Chicago, with a very useful list to pack.


In January, the highest temperature in Chicago is -1º and the lowest, -9º. And it is that January is the coldest month in the Windy City and, worth the redundancy, one of the windiest, with a speed of more than 22.5 km / h. Also, if you travel there during this month, you will most likely see snow.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in January?

Essential winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf. If you are cold, also include thermal shirts and tights. If your plan is to walk around the city, don't forget some comfortable boots and a rain jacket to wear over your coat.


Cold, strong gusts of wind and up to eight inches of snowfall. The highest temperature in February is 0º and the lowest, -8º. Wind speeds, from 8 to 33 km / h, increase the sensation of cold by 10º.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in February?

It's going to be cold, so thermal tops, thick jumpers and well-lined winter coats are your allies. A hat, shoes and clothes for snow, gloves and a scarf complete the list.


The winter begins to recede, but still found an icy environment. Temperatures range between 7º and -2º. March is a good month to visit Chicago, but the weather varies a lot, so check the weather forecast.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in March?

You cannot forget to pack winter clothes: scarf, hat, gloves, winter coat and warm shoes. However, it also includes short-sleeved shirts in case the weather is warmer.


The city will be in bloom, but beware, temperatures can rise or fall by 20 degrees or more in one day! The weather will be warm enough to stroll through streets and parks, but it will also rain. If there is a storm, you may have problems with the flights. Highest temperature: 14º. Lowest temperature: 4º.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in April?

Some boots to move while it rains will be useful. As the temperature varies, it is advisable to dress in layers. Also take a good spring coat and a scarf.


Ideal for those who love warm but not too high temperatures. May weather in Chicago is summery. However, on these dates it can also rain. The highest average temperature is 21º and the lowest, 10º.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in May?

The temperature can rise dramatically during the day and, at night, it can be cool. So it is interesting to put a spring coat in the suitcase, an umbrella and, what is the crux of the matter, layered clothes. Lightweight sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, for example.


The maximum temperature is 26º and the minimum is 14º. The climate of Chicago in June will be moderate and pleasant, highly recommended for outdoor activities, such as tours or going to the beach.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in June?

You will have to think about the swimsuit but also some warm layers, since at night it can be cool. A light jacket with a sweater or a sweatshirt will do. Think that around Lake Michigan it can be windy.


With temperatures of 29º of maximum and 17º of minimum, July is the warmest month in Chicago. You will want the temperatures to drop but at the same time you will have a very good opportunity to go outside. On the other hand, there is an average of seven days of rain.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in July?

It is the time of shorts and t-shirts. Restaurants and tourist attractions won't deny you entry for this laid-back look. You will also need a sweater or sweatshirt (the temperature drops considerably at night ), comfortable shoes, sunscreen, water, a cap or hat and a small umbrella.


It will be less hot than in July, but the humidity (which rises 88%) and the relatively low speed of the wind keep the summer temperatures. The temperatures will be between 27 and 17º.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in August?

You will need a jacket, sweatshirt or jacket, since the weather is unpredictable, especially at night; temperatures may drop or a few drops of rain may fall. Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and a bottle of water.


It is difficult to predict from day to day: a mixture of summer that ends and autumn that arrives. The temperatures oscillate between 23 and 13º. It usually rains for 10 days of the month. Finally, tornado season ends in the Midwest in September. One is unlikely to happen in Chicago, but there have been examples like 1967.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in September?

As you will find yourself in a time of change of season, it is recommended that you pack summer and fall clothes. If you are going to be outside all day, take something warm like a sweater or a sweatshirt. Also a small umbrella in case the rain surprises you.


It's getting cold in Chicago... In October, temperatures can range from 17 to 7 degrees, although from one day to the next the “thing” can vary considerably.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in October?

Your suitcase to visit Chicago in October must contain several layers of clothing and a raincoat. This last garment will be very useful to protect you from the stormy autumn weather.


It is a wet and cold month. In the afternoon, the average temperature reaches 8º and, at night, it drops to 0º. There is also snow, about three inches, which can also come in the form of cold rain.

What to wear to Chicago in November?

We recommend wearing many layers of warm clothing. Fight cold weather and winds with a good jacket, gloves, and a hat. Think of shoes that are comfortable and resistant to water.


Traveling to Chicago during the winter is highly recommended for those who love the cold or if you intend to go skiing near Chicago. Average temperatures are 3º maximum and -3º minimum. In December, you will already find snow on the streets.

What clothes to wear to Chicago in December?

Take out your winter clothes, because you will need them. A scarf, a thick coat, warm sweaters, boots to go through the snow will be essential for you.

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