Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada (with Map & Photos)

Known for Spotted Lake or simply Kliluk. It is an extremely rare natural formation that is currently private property and can only be visited with permission.

Spotted Lake
Spotted Lake


It is located in the Okanagan Valley, Canada, near the small town of Osoyoos, in an area between the United States and British Columbia border.


It is a sacred place and freed from the great flows of tourists, accessible mainly to the Okanogan aborigines from a nearby reserve, who claim that a bath in its waters has extraordinary healing properties.

Spotted Lake
Spotted Lake

Its Minerals

It is a lake which has a high concentration of minerals such as magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, calcium sulfate, silver, titanium and others. The native Indians of the Okanagan Valley used its waters with healing properties to alleviate the pain of their people, being for them a sacred lake.

Mineral Properties

Its mineral properties are now used for numerous skin treatments. In summer the water of the lake is evaporating, and the minerals crystallize creating a varied colors that make the place ideal to contemplate the strange natural phenomenon.

Spotted Lake
Spotted Lake

The therapeutic value of the lake has proven to be important in healing properties, but another use was found for it and during World War I salts were extracted in large quantities to be transported to the United States for the creation of ammunition, extracting a ton per day.


They claim that the best effect in terms of color occurs in summer, when the mineral combination of the water ends up crystallizing, generating an incredible range of tones and shapes that goes from white, to yellow, green or an intense blue. A strange landscape to say the least.

Spotted Lake Map