Rainbow Falls, Hilo, Hawaii, USA (with Map & Photos)

Rainbow Falls, If you search for images of Hawaii on the Internet, for example, you will immediately see that the screen is full of photographs of an adorable waterfall. It is a stream of water that gushes out and falls into a pond making a lot of foam, in the middle of a forest of strong green color. All photos are beautiful.

The waterfall is called Rainbow Falls and is in Hilo, the county town of Hawaii, a site located near active volcanoes, on the bay of the same name. The waterfall is 24 meters high and almost 30 meters in diameter. The waters belong to the Wailuku River and fall into a pond that at times is green and reflects the colors of the surrounding jungle and at times is more turquoise.

Rainbow Falls Hawaii
Rainbow Falls Hawaii

The waterfall is inside the Wailuku River State Park and there is a platform from which you have a very good view. In the Hawaiian language it is known as rainbow water and from there it derives the name in English as well. The waterfall flows over a natural cave formed by lava from some ancient eruption and local people have always believed that this cave is home to Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess.

As you can guess, the name rainbow has been given because at some point in the day, in this case during the morning hours, the sun brings out flashes of colors from the thousands of droplets that drain between the rocks and fall into the pond.

The Rainbow Falls is very close to the city of Hilo and if you stay in one of the large hotels in the area you can join an organized walk to get to know it. The Wailuku River is the longest in the archipelago and in the rainy season it grows so much that it is almost impossible to cross it on foot, that is why there are three bridges that cross it and that allow you to reach the waterfall. Being in Hilo you take Waianuenue Avenue and this street takes you right to the most beautiful waterfall in Hawaii.

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