Pilbara, Marble Bar, Western Australia (with Map & Photos)

Pilbara Region Western Australia

When we talk about Australia we talk about large wild spaces, with large and different animals, they are also known for their large and cosmopolitan cities, Sydney, Melbourne among others.

However… have you heard of the Pilbara? Here we tell you...

First of all, the Pilbara is a region of the country and is located in the western part of the territory. It is twice the size of the United Kingdom and some of the most impressive landscapes in the world, dating between 3.5 and 4.3 billion years.

Pilbara Region Western Australia
Pilbara Region Western Australia

It is a place that has more than 700 historical indigenous archaeological sites and about 1 million rock carvings, many are from 30 thousand years ago. The Burrup peninsula is the place to discover them.

On the other hand, the region has an oil, natural gas, salt and iron industry.

Pilbara Highlights

The Karijini National Park presents a landscape worthy of admiration, rocky canyons where you can go through ancient tunnels, plunge pools to paddle and swim between different waterfalls, islands with white sand beaches and coral gardens. We find it in the northwest of the region.

Traditionally home to the Banyjima, Kurrama and Innawonga peoples.

Pilbara Region Western Australia
Pilbara Region Western Australia

How to get

It can be reached from Karrathe, Tom Price or Newman, via sealed roads. Qantas has daily flights to the city of Paraburdoo, 100 km away. The ideal time for your visit is in autumn, winter and early spring. There, the days are warm and the nights cold.

Wettest archipelago

It allows you to enjoy a tour of 25 natural reserve islands, with diving, snorkeling or taking a boat ride. In some of them camping is allowed as in Enderby, Eaglehawk, Dolphin and Gidley Island, in others there are simply no facilities.

Other attractions on the site are to make a panoramic flight, there are places of world fishing, in deep places like reefs, that depend on the climate, on the tide. For more information you should contact the Karratha visitor center.

It is located 45 km from Pilbara town of Dampier, Pilbara coast.

Millstream-Chichester National Park

Landscape of hills, rivers and pools of water. Area of ​​approximately 200,000 hectares around the Fortescue River. A true tropical oasis close to Roebourne and with the possibility of camping in one of the best areas of the Pilbara. The first settlers were attracted by the abundance of water and established an active pastoral station here, which remained in operation for more than 100 years.

Inside the park there are walking and biking trails and along the way you can find a farm called Millstream Homestead Visitor Center where information is provided about attractions in the park and the history of a town called Yinibardni and about these first settlers.

Another interesting place, Python Pool, place to swim in rock pools. It can be accessed via Roeburne.

Mount Herbert is part of the Chichester Range. The top of the mount offers spectacular panoramic views.

The Yindjibarndi Native People are traditional owners of Millstream National Park and have produced a book of accurate descriptions of the sites, including songs and stories related to the land, in English and Yindjibarndi. The book also includes a fold-out map of the National Park, making it an essential guide for any visitor.

Point Samso Peninsula

It offers some of the best beaches, coral gardens, fishing spots, and restored heritage buildings. Accessed via Roeburne.

Pilbara Region Western Australia
Pilbara Region Western Australia

It became known from 1902 with the construction of a jetty, to serve new ships, it was destroyed in 1925 by a cyclone, part of it remained in use until 1989 and then it was burned in 1991. A lookout point was created on the site. and it is an ideal place to observe the whales in the bay between July and October.

The city today is a picturesque seaside town famous for its fish, chips, and delicious fresh seafood.


Karratha is located along the North West Coastal Highway, 1535 kilometers north of Perth and 240 kilometers south of Port Hedland.

You can go up to the Water Tank Hill Lookout, to see the city and get panoramic views.

Pilbara Region Western Australia
Pilbara Region Western Australia

Port Hedland

Port Hedland is the gateway and the central hub connecting the Pilbara and the Kimberley. It is famous for its huge resource industry, long trains, large ships, and salt piles. Visitors have the unique opportunity to witness the operations of the world's largest mining company and get up close to the big ships in the world's highest export tonnage port.

It is rich in indigenous culture, pioneering history, and wildlife. You can visit the award-winning Heritage and Cultural Trail and explore Port Hedland's indigenous and European history. You can get fascinating information at the Dalgety House Museum and the Air School.

It is also a great place for crabbing, whale watching, and turtle nesting.

Qantas and Virgin Australia operate daily direct flights from Perth to Port Hedland. Qantas offers a weekly direct flight between Brisbane and Port Hedland.

New Man

Located on the edge of the western desert, the city is dominated by Mount Newman (1,053 meters) and is named after the explorer Aubrey Woodward Newman. In 1957 a huge iron ore deposit was discovered at Mt Whaleback, which is now the largest open pit iron mine site in the world.

There is also plenty for nature lovers around Newman. Weeli Wolli is a permanent freshwater spring that provides a haven for fish and birds. 

Qantas and Virgin Australia offer daily direct flights from Perth to Newman, and the airport offers 4 × 4 rental.


The Withnell family were the first European settlers to arrive in the area, and they settled at the foot of Mount Welcome in April 1864. The town was the first to settle in the northwest. 

The restored heritage stone buildings date from this period. Of note is the octagonal-shaped jail, which now houses a historical museum. 

It is located on the North West Coastal Highway, approximately 40 kilometers east of Karratha.

Pilbara Map