Phuket Province, A beautiful Thai Paradise (with Map & Photos)

Phuket is a city in the southeast of the island of Phuket, Thailand. It is the capital of Phuket Province. As of 2007, the city had a population of 75,573 inhabitants. Covers the sub-districts (tambon) Talat Yai (Thai:) and Talat Nuea (Thai: ตลาด ใหญ่:) of Mueang Phuket district.

No matter what you are looking for in Phuket Province, you can take it for granted that you will find it. This gigantic island in Thailand is the largest tourist destination in the region. And it is that, its unique and crystalline beaches give you the entrance to what could be defined as the quintessential Thai paradise.

Phuket Province
Phuket Province

The most impressive sunsets occur behind the most remote landscapes of the island. A province that is active both day and night. Therefore, it cannot be off your destination list. 

The Province of Phuket was rescued from the tsunami of 2004 and reemerged as all Thai Paradise. A place THAT amazes its visitors with its beauty and beach debauchery. It is considered by many the tourist site par excellence of 2017. With thousands of visitors who do not stop arriving throughout the year. It is a fact that this Thai paradise is always ready to surprise you.

How to get there and where to stay in Phuket Province?

Thanks to its growing economy, driven by tourism. The island has an international airport that receives flights from many destinations. So the first task, which is to get to the Thai paradise of Phuket is quite easy. Book your flight on the airline of your choice and get ready to enjoy its beaches.

Phuket Province
Phuket Province

The number of hotels on Phuket Island can drive you crazy when choosing where to spend your days in this wonderful place. The increasing number of tourists has forced residents to expand their hotel arch. Obviously, you will find some places more luxurious and expensive than others, depending on the area where you stay. However, wherever you stay you will have breathtaking views of Phuket Province.

If your thing is to enjoy the calm and tranquility, the North of the Island will be the safe option: Little visited beaches and various spas to relax await you on this side of the Island. The South of the Thai paradise is, without a doubt, for the crazy and adventurous souls. Visitors who enjoy the nightlife and the massive parties on the coasts. They will definitely want to stay in the South of the island.

Is it easy to get around on the island of Phuket?

In case you had no idea, the island of Phuket is quite large. The distances to get to certain points are really long. This is because the central part of the Island is mostly jungle, crossing it is not something that can be done daily. Of course, unless you decide to take an excursion into the jungles of Thai paradise.

The best option to visit the province, according to many tourists, is undoubtedly the motorcycle rental. Likewise! Take the risk to live the experience of traveling the coasts of the Thai paradise, in these fast vehicles that will take you to the most amazing viewpoints on the island. If you prefer something a little less exposed, there are several lines of taxis or car rentals. Although these means of transport are not entirely cheap, they offer very efficient services.

Phuket Province
Phuket Province

Whatever your decision, you need a vehicle to get around most of the enchanting island. Are you ready to walk the streets of Thai Paradise?

Watersports? This Thai paradise offers them all!

Lovers of water sports will undoubtedly enjoy their visit to the shores of Phuket. It can be said that it is the favorite place for tourists who are passionate about adrenaline. So, if you have an adventurous sense, the island will make you feel at home!

Sailing and windsurfing are ideal for the shores of the Thai paradise, it is a very practiced sport in Phuket. If you do not know these sports, but the curiosity of practicing it does not let you live, you are in luck! Several hotels offer beginner classes on site.

Another activity to do is diving in its crystal clear waters, a great experience. Since the island has a unique seabed, the experience of diving into the waters of the Thai paradise and seeing the famous King Cruiser sunken ship is something that you cannot miss.

Incredible excursions with which to enjoy a great experience

The beaches and their coasts are not the only impressive thing that Phuket Province has to show you. The island has several National Parks and sites of archaeological value. The excursions, to most of these places, are not usually very expensive, the reason is that the locals themselves pretend to be tour guides. With their traditional and picturesque canoes, they will give you incredible tours.

One of Phuket's beautiful beaches, Freedom Beach, is one of the most secluded and unspoiled on the island. It is in a more remote area and more difficult to access than the others, but it is worth the effort: an empty beach free of water sports and loud music will be your reward. Wooded, with soft sand and crystal blue waters, it is a postcard-worthy beach that you can experience for yourself.

Phuket Province
Phuket Province

Walks through the impressive rock formations of Phang

You can visit the colonial temples of the well-known Cape Phromtep. Honestly, these guided tours will give you a complete experience on your trip to this Thai paradise. In addition, nothing like a resident of the island, to teach you the best typical dishes of the region.

Night falls in Paradise

An infinity of restaurants and food stalls await you on Phuket Island. A province that enchants visitors with its landscapes, it could not be left behind with its gastronomy with typical dishes that will leave you with the longed-for Asian flavor. Without a doubt, dining in a restaurant on the bay will be a perfect and pleasant experience, sampling the spicy and culinary offerings of Phuket by the sea. You will make both your pupils and your palate feel captivated by the culture and beauty of the Thai paradise.

Get ready for the party!

The south of Phuket hides one of its most visited beaches, Patong, known for its commercial life and its nightlife. Definitely, if you intend to go crazy at night this coast is going to like you. Incredible night shows, good drinks and huge discos await you with their doors open in this corner of Thai paradise.

If the party goes on and you wake up on the streets of Phuket, you can rest assured that everything will be fine. The area, in general, is quite safe, so you can relax in Thai paradise. In addition, witnessing one of the many sunrises on the beach will give the perfect end to your vacation in the beloved province of Thailand.

You can stroll and get to know the atmosphere of Bangla Road, located in the center of Patong, it is a pedestrian street lined with numerous bars, pubs and clubs on both sides. Inside, the dancers appear on stage to give way to their performances, while you take the opportunity to have a beer and enjoy the relaxation. Keep that in mind, you will never have a boring night on Bangla Road.

Phuket is surrounded by magic and coastal rhythm. Unique landscapes that will remain in your memory if you decide to visit this Thai paradise. A destination that, for sure, you will want to repeat on more than one occasion.

Phuket Province Map