Murder Hole Beach, Donegal, Ireland (with Map & Photos)

Boyeeghter Bay, commonly known as Murder Hole Beach, is a beach located on Melmore Head Peninsula near Downings in County Donegal, Ireland. There are rocks, hills, dunes, and small caves. At high tide, there are two beaches that merge into one at high tide. About 15 meters offshore, there is a small tidal island called Rough Island.

Murder Hole Beach
Murder Hole Beach

Do you think wild, remote, and deserted beaches no longer exist? The discovery of Boyeeghter Bay in Ireland will change your mind!

Lush green cliffs harboring a golden sandy beach, waves crashing down on a wild shoreline, spectacular scenery untouched by human activity - this is what awaits you when you visit Boyeeghter Bay in the north! from Ireland!

Murder Hole Beach
Murder Hole Beach

Located in County Donegal, the northernmost region of the country, Boyeeghter Bay is not just a coincidence. From its nickname, Murder Hole Beach, to its location - nestled on a cliff cut behind the fields - this beach remains a mystery. Nature lovers who have had the opportunity to visit it agree that it is a place of pure and overwhelming beauty. Are you ready to go on an adventure to explore this hidden gem of the Irish coast?

Following in the footsteps of Boyeeghter Bay, Ireland

County Donegal, in the northwest of the country, is a remote area that few visitors take the time to explore on a trip to Ireland. The coast is wild and very rugged, the weather can be harsh and the winds strong, but it would take much more than that to tarnish the beauty of its landscapes.

On the Rosguill Peninsula, Boyeeghter Bay is also known as Murder Hole Beach. A macabre nickname for one of the most beautiful, purest, and most authentic bays in Ireland. Where does the nickname come from? Some say it has had it since the mysterious fall of a woman from the top of its cliffs in the 19th century, others prefer to say that the wild waters of the Atlantic are so powerful that when the tide rises, the waves and currents can become dangerous, and therefore deadly.

Murder Hole Beach
Murder Hole Beach

But make no mistake, what characterizes beautiful Boyeeghter Bay above all else once it is revealed to you is its peaceful atmosphere and the power of nature. In other words, you will soon forget his unattractive nickname!

What's behind Boyeeghter Bay in Ireland?

Boyeeghter Bay will appear before your eyes after a short drive through the fields. But what will you discover once you get there? An invigorating nature far from civilization!

At low tide, you will see a nice large sandy beach that splits in two at high tide, as well as a small island accessible by foot. Under the sun, its waters turn turquoise and its sand golden. The show is definitely worth the detour!

But the visit does not stop there! With all its might, the Atlantic has carved the rock out of the coast over time. Spectacular rock formations can be seen, including a particularly impressive cave, accessible only at low tide.

Those wishing to admire the bay from a different angle can follow the path that begins at the bottom of the beach, climbing the surrounding hills and reaching a lookout point dating from the Second World War.

Murder Hole Beach Map