Boreal Forest of Canada, Alberta (with Map & Photos)

Did you know that Boreal Forest represent almost a third of the total forest area of ​​the planet? Also known among environmental scientists and nature lovers as "the green crown of the planet", boreal forests are a spectacle of flora and fauna adapted to cold weather conditions. Like the rest of the forests, the value of its biodiversity is truly incalculable. In addition, the areas of the boreal forest that remain intact (without being altered by humans), help to mitigate global warming; since they contribute to determine both the global climate of the Earth, as well as the percentage of CO2 present in the atmosphere.

Boreal Forest Canada
Boreal Forest Canada

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What are Boreal Forest

Boreal Forest are those forests that are forming a homogeneous green belt in the circumpolar region. Geographically, they cover the territories of Russia, Canada and Alaska, as well as the countries that make up Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway and Finland; reaching an estimated surface area of ​​920 million hectares.

Boreal Forest Canada
Boreal Forest Canada

They are also known by the name of the terrestrial biome that characterizes them, the taiga, as well as for being the most northern forests on the planet, since most of the boreal forests extend between 50º and 60º north latitude. We are talking then about forests that we can only find in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, since in the Southern Hemisphere it is possible for us to find continental masses at these specific latitudes.

In the next sections, let's continue to learn more about the incredible boreal forest biome and learn what its main characteristics are, as well as the flora and fauna that its forests harbor. In addition, in this other GreenEcology article we show you what taiga is: definition and characteristics .

Canada is now home to the world's largest protected Boreal Forest

Canada will soon have the largest protected boreal forest - an area twice the size of Belgium - on the planet.

About 1.6 million hectares of land in the province of Alberta are being converted into new or expanded provincial parks.

Boreal Forest Canada
Boreal Forest Canada

A 6.7m hectare conservation zone will now be protected and free from logging or oil and gas exploration.

Boreal (or coniferous) forests are found in northern climates, with long, cold winters and short summers. They are among the densest forests in the world.

Canada's boreal area is home to threatened bison, peregrine falcons, and woodland caribou populations.

Boreal Forest Map