Sand Castle, Competitions and Festivals (with Map & Photos)

Discover the most impressive sand castles in the world and the amount of water needed to create them. It will surprise you!

Almost all of us have ever built sand castles on the beach. We did it for entertainment and many times he stayed in an attempt, because in the end they end up collapsing. Very different are the figures that create authentic artists and there are even international competitions where they compete to create the best sand castles.

Sand Castle Competitions
Sand Castle Competitions

The most spectacular sand sculptures usually come out of these competitions, where the complexity of the design can be observed taking into account that only water and sand are used.

How to make a perfect sand castle?

Anyone who has played on the beach with sand knows that with dry sand absolutely nothing can be done and that water is necessary to shape the figures.

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam showed in a study that the optimal amount of water is around 1%. In this way, the water molecules function as bridges between the grains of sand. In addition, they came to the conclusion that with that amount of water, a vertical column of up to 2.5m in height and only 40cm in diameter could be built.

The perfect sandcastle needs about 1% water

The most impressive sand castles

Now that you know how to make a sand castle, you may be ready to sign up for one of these most outstanding competitions in the world and make such spectacular figures.

The Sun & Sea Festival

It takes place in Imperial Beach, California, for 50 years. For 5 hours, participants create amazing figures while enjoying live music. In addition, there is also a category for children.

Blue Water SandFest

Although it is a competition with little antiquity, it is currently one of the most outstanding. It takes place in Michigan (United States), and participants work for three days to demonstrate their skills. In addition, for 10 minutes two sculptors compete and try to create sculptures according to the suggestions of the public.

European Sand Sculpture Championship

It takes place in the town Zandvoort aan Zee, also known as Amsterdam Beach (Holland). Artists from around the world create stunning sand castles to the beat of music. Once they are finished, a natural liquid is added to them so that they shine before the public for months.