Russia What Continent does it belong to

What continent does Russia belong to? This will be a short article, we will get to the point but I recommend that even after obtaining the answer, continue reading to understand a little more about this important country, which due to its enormous extension has territory on two continents.

As explained in the article on Where is Russia?, the country is the largest on the planet and spans northern Europe and northern Asia. The union of both continents make up the supercontinent called Eurasia. Russia is so large that it encompasses most of the north of this supercontinent.

Russia What continent does it belong to?
Russia's Continent

Being a transcontinental country and due to its great territorial extension, Russia borders quite a few countries. The countries with which it shares a land border are: Kazakhstan, being the country with which it has the most land border, followed by China, then by Mongolia, Ukraine, Finland, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Estonia and North Korea. It shares a maritime border with Japan.

After understanding the location of this country at the continent level, you can read the article entitled " Russia How is it divided and organized? - Simple Explanation " to get a better idea of ​​how the country is organized inside, being somewhat different from most countries.

Russia has a special territory in Eastern Europe, it is a peculiarity because this Russian territory is separated from the rest of the country, we are referring to Kaliningrad and you can read more about it here. Kaliningrad is a city and an oblast; Kaliningrad City is the capital of Kaliningrad Oblast.

For those who wonder if Russia belongs to the European Union, the answer is: No, it does not belong to the EU. Curiously, Kaliningrad is surrounded by countries that do belong to the European Union such as Lithuania and Poland.

To conclude and as a summary, the answer is that Russia is on the continent of Europe and in Asia. It is valid to say that Russia is a European country but it can also be valid to say that Russia is an Asian country, since it has territory on both continents.