Juist Island, North Sea, Germany (with Map & Photos)

The Germans call it "the wonderland". It is, in fact, an island of 16km² in the North Sea, Juist Island, closed to cars.

Juist Island
Juist Island

It is a tongue of sand placed on the North Sea. A pristine beach battered by waves and winds. The Juist Island in Germany is the meeting place for lovers of the great outdoors. " It's intact, you can't compare it with other islands, " marvels a tourist. Out of time, Juist Island is not beyond the reach of the elements. The 17-kilometer-long dune is constantly moving.

No car

Protecting the dunes against the slow-rising waters to save the island is a daily struggle. Natural barriers are regularly erected using branches planted in the sand. The town hall is trying to educate tourists. In the village, moreover, no car circulates, only carts pulled by horses. The objective set: a neutral carbon footprint by 2030.

Juist Island Map