Llanes, Spain 2024: Best Places to Visit (with Map & Photos)

Monuments, beaches, viewpoints and charming corners. Today we are going to take a tour of the best to see in Llanes, (Spain) one of the best destinations on the Asturian coast.

I have a certain predilection for Llanes from a very young age. Those walks in front of the port, to be spellbound watching the fury of the waves, the sunsets on the beach and the omnipresent smell of the sea. I love this Asturian town! Yes, there are a lot of places to see in Llanes and nearby, and you have them all here. I have created this super guide about one of the most beautiful towns in Asturias. Get ready, you have a read for a while.

Today's Llanes sits on the pillars of what was the original population nucleus already documented in the 12th century. Its many attractions, its incredible beaches, its delicious gastronomy and its proximity to the Picos de Europa have made it an indisputable tourist reference, one of the essential places to see in Asturias. You want to know more?.

What to see in Llanes, the essentials

A complete and relaxed visit to the urban center of Llanes will easily take you a full day. Take it easy and enjoy the moment. These are the essentials to see in Llanes on a super intense day.

Monuments and Historic Center

Llanes, Spain
What to see in Llanes, Span, the historic center

This area is to take it easy and, a priori, one of the most unnoticed in Llanes. Nothing is further from reality. The historic center of Llanes, declared a Historic-Artistic Site, is spectacular. With a marked medieval character, the intricate alleys welcomes us in a hurry to show us its charms.

Among the most representative monuments we find the Torreón and the 13th century walls, the Basilica of Santa María or the Palace of Castañaga. But they are not the only ones, you just have to get lost inside the complex and hallucinate with a lot of large houses, palaces and chapels.

Memory Cubes

Llanes, Spain
Memory Cubes, What to see in Llanes Spain

One of the most representative images of Llanes and, without a doubt, a place to be spellbound for hours. They are neither more nor less than a set of rectangular concrete blocks whose function is to protect the port of Llanes. But these are very special. Each one is a small work of art created by the Basque painter Agustín Ibarrola. Bright and cheerful colors predominate. And on days of strong waves it is wonderful to see them merge with the sea.

Port of Llanes

Llanes, Spain
Port of Llanes, Spain

At any time of the day and night, the port of Llanes is a magnificent place to stroll and relax in one of its many bars and restaurants. From the aforementioned Cubes of Memory, we just have to continue walking to enter a narrow inlet of the sea. There the boats rest peacefully and leave us some of the best snapshots of the town just before reaching the small Llanes lighthouse.

Paseo de San Pedro

Llanes, Spain
What to see in Llanes, Spain, the Paseo de San Pedro

Without a doubt, my favorite corner to see in Llanes. It is a walk in height that enjoys the best views over the historic center of Llanes and a good part of the Cantabrian coast. The path, carpeted with electric green grass, begins next to El Sablón beach and skirts a spectacular stretch of cliffs. Do not miss it, it will surprise you.

Movie palaces

Llanes, Spain
Indian palaces, What to see in Llanes Spain

And when I say film I mean the romantic genre but also the horror genre. Llanes is full of palaces that welcome us right at the entrance of the city, on both sides of Concepción Avenue, and transport us to another time. To the summer houses of the aristocracy and the great Indian mansions. They are a real wonder. However, some are in an evident state of abandonment and generate some unease.

One of them, Villa Parres, has gained great popularity by becoming the best possible setting for the Spanish film El Orfanato.

This entire area of ​​the Asturian coast is full of examples of this type of Indian architecture. Colombres is the greatest exponent and an ideal place to enjoy a good walk through fairytale palaces.

What to see in Llanes: The best beaches

In the same town of Llanes you have a few beaches to choose from. All urban but with some differences. You should bear in mind that the Municipality of Llanes has a total of 30 beaches. You have to choose, it is difficult for you to take time to see them all. I have my favorite beach to see in Llanes, of course, and it ranks second.

El Sablon Beach

Llanes, Spain
El Sablón beach, What to see in Llanes, Spain

Along the Paseo de San Pedro and in the heart of Llanes, this small beach of golden sand is one of the most beautiful and photogenic, but it also has the highest occupancy. It is highly recommended to simply sit and observe the panorama with an ice cream Revuelta in hand. It is delicious.

Toró Beach

Llanes, Spain
Playa de Toró, What to see in Llanes Spain

Toró beach is one of the most curious and photogenic in the area. It is located just a short walk from the center of Llanes and is characterized by a large concentration of pointed rocks in the middle of a very fine sand beach and the sea. A luxury for any photographer.

Poo Beach

Llanes, Spain
Poo beach, the best beaches to see in Llanes, Spain

Already outside the town of Llanes but only 2 kilometers away we find this fantastic natural pool. And it is that the Poo beach when the tide rises its sand area is drastically reduced to become a real shallow water pool. A marvel also for photography and taking a bath on days with a lot of waves.

What to see near Llanes

The list of incredible places to see near Llanes could be endless but I wanted to narrow it down to just 4 corners. My favourites. All are less than 30 minutes by car from the center of the Asturian town. And, in case you want more, I advise you not to miss this article with the best beaches and towns on the Asturian coast.

Bufones de Pría

Llanes, Spain
Bufones de Pría, What to see near Llanes, Spain

Who has not heard of the Bufones de Pría ? They have gained a lot of fame in recent years and well deserved. The phenomenon of the jesters, whose best example is in Pría, is none other than the appearance of cracks in the limestone rock of a cliff. At a time of greatest maritime agitation, sea water seeps through the holes, causing real jets of pressurized water.

If you are lucky enough to see them in action it will be an indelible memory. In addition, in this area you can do a very beautiful hiking route.

Gulpiyuri Beach

Llanes, Spain
Gulpiyuri Beach, the best beaches to see near Llanes, Spain

Another of the most famous corners of Asturias. A few years ago no one had heard of her. Today it has become a very popular beach in Spain. It is not the prettiest, nor the wildest, it does not even have the best environment. But it is an inland beach. And not every day you can see something so special. A sandy area located several meters from the coast that is fed by the tides through a natural tunnel dug into the rock. Yes, it is what you are thinking. That tunnel is a buffoon.

Llanes, Spain Map