Bukhansan National Park, South Korea (with Map & Photos)

Get ready to discover one of the most impressive places on Earth. We embarked on a trip to Bukhansan National Park in South Korea. A really beautiful and wonderful green space. You will see why.

Bukhansan National Park South Korea
Bukhansan National Park South Korea

South Korea is one of the most developed countries on the planet. Millions of people live in very little territory in huge cities like the capital, Seoul. That is why it is curious to know places like Mount Bukhansan National Park, a lung for a small over-developed nation.

Where is Mount Bukhansan National Park?

If you want to visit Bukhansan National Park, you don't have to leave the capital, Seoul. Within the very borders of this immense metropolis is this true lung of pure air that houses thousands of natural wonders.

Bukhansan National Park South Korea
Bukhansan National Park South Korea

Mount Bukhansan National Park has been considered this way since 1983, being the fifteenth in the entire country. In other words, it is a relatively young corner as such, although it has been home to nature in its purest form for millions of years.

Without a doubt, this park is a true lung in South Korea, since it is totally surrounded by civilization and urban areas. Although it is part of the territory of Seoul, it is located in the province of Gyeonggi-do.

Passion for Mount Bukhansan National Park

Many Seoul citizens make their getaways to enjoy hiking, mountaineering, or trekking in Mount Bukhansan National Park. A place full of mountains and forests that are a real adventure.

Bukhansan National Park South Korea
Bukhansan National Park South Korea

Lovers of flora and fauna are also in luck when approaching Bukhansan National Park, as this area of ​​South Korea is home to more than 1,300 animal and plant species in a unique habitat.

The park is very rich in natural beauty. So much so that it even received a Guinness record for the number of people who visit this space every day and that a year add up to an incredible five million visitors.

Bukhansan National Park and human settlements

In addition, it is not uncommon to walk through Mount Bukhansan National Park and come across remains of human settlements. Given its enormous proximity to Seoul, it is easy to find ancient temples and even fortresses, which are found throughout the area.

There is a lot of history found in every corner of this place, which has become a natural sanctuary for the inhabitants of Seoul and the entire country.

Art is the nature of man; nature is the art of God.

-James Bailey-

Adventures in Mount Bukhansan National Park

As we have said, the Mount Bukhansan National Park has dozens of hiking routes that Koreans love and all visitors who reach their limits.

Although accessing the park itself is not complex, once inside there are many options to decide. From truly difficult routes for advanced hikers to simpler routes to enjoy the views, and even see the capital from the sky.

Bukhansan National Park South Korea
Bukhansan National Park South Korea

We say well when we talk about the sky because it is wonderful to observe the capital of Korea from the almost 1000 meters of height of Mount Bukhansan, the place that gives the park its name.

In addition, in the Bukhansan National Park there are other mountains from which to enjoy the flora and fauna, such as the Baegundae, the Insubong or the Mangyeongdae. All of them of moderate heights that do not exceed 1000 meters and keep wonderful routes.

Bukhansan National Park South Korea
Bukhansan National Park South Korea

The very name, Buckhansan, means "great mountain in the north", and is named for the granite peaks mentioned above, which are the object of devotion to the inhabitants of the area.

Visitors to the Bukhansan National Park can also enjoy routes through other mountains, such as the Dobongsan or the Suraksan, highly appreciated by lovers of mountaineering, climbing or bird watching.

You already know that South Korea draws attention for its large cities full of light and color, but also for its extensive and wonderful nature. A good example is the Mount Bukhansan National Park.

Bukhansan National Park Map