The Mystery of Easter Island (with Map & Photos)

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Hititeaiiragi, Rapa Nui, Te Pito-o-te-henua, Tekaouhangoaru are all other names for the area we know as Easter Island. For most people, Easter Island is associated with something mysterious - and not surprisingly: it is famous for huge stone statues lined up along the coast. They gaze with painted eyes into the ocean, and this look is at the same time eerie and mesmerizing. One of the main questions is how did these 10-meter idols get there? - still remains unresolved. Tourists flock here hoping to unravel the mystery, but return home hung with souvenirs and... without an answer.

Easter Island
Easter Island

How to get there

Easter Island is part of Valparaiso, one of the regions of Chile. There are two ways to get to the island, and both are costly. The first one is on a tourist yacht or cruise ship, which sometimes come here. You can go on an independent trip and go to the port in a couple of weeks.

The second way is air, the island has an airport that accepts flights from the Chilean capital Santiago, Tahiti and Lima. The flight schedule depends on the time of year: for example, from December to March, flights are operated only once a week. In the rest of the months - twice a week. The flight from Santiago takes about 5 hours.

Easter Island beaches

There are several beaches on Easter Island, but Anakena is the best choice. Locals even warn that they can only swim here. There are several cafes on the sandy beach, and in general the local landscape is somewhat reminiscent of the Black Sea coast: there are stalls with cold water on the beach, the natives sell sweets and other snacks, the smell of barbecue is in the air. Only instead of the sea - the ocean.

Easter Island
Easter Island

Cuisine and restaurants

There are quite a few small cafes on the island where you can have an inexpensive snack. On the menu, you should choose seafood dishes, such as soup or tuna steak. In general, the steaks are very good here - from meat and fish, with potatoes and herbs. The local beer is soft and very pleasant.

Some restaurants are built very close to the water. They stand on stilts, while the owners of the establishment can demolish one of the walls so that visitors can admire the view of the ocean.

Easter Island hotels

The island has the only city where you can stay in a hotel - Hanga Roa. Most tourists prefer mini-hotels rather than chain operators, and nevertheless, the cost of living is rather big. The fact is that many goods are imported to the island from the mainland, which increases their price. The most expensive hotel on the island is Đ•xplora EN RAPA NUI. There are 30 rooms, a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, a bar, a souvenir boutique, an outdoor pool, a massage parlor, an outdoor jacuzzi.

Easter Island
Easter Island

One of the ways for the inhabitants of the island to make money is by renting out apartments. At the airport, every new plane is greeted by a crowd of locals, vying with each other to offer accommodation in hotels or in their homes.

There is also a camping on the island - here you can pitch a tent or rent a very simple room for little money, and with the Internet. To get to the campsite, you need to find a guide at the airport with a Mihinoa sign - this is the name of the place where you will stay.