9 Best Pink Sands Beaches in the World (with Photos)

Azure waters and pink sands in the Bahamas, purple bays of the Greek islands, amazing bays in Bermuda, and other beaches where rose-colored glasses are not needed.

Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island, Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach Bahamas
Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island, Bahamas

Little Harbor Island is famous for its incredibly pink beaches on the east coast. The perfectly smooth Pink Sands Beach is covered in a mixture of white coral sand and tiny red foraminifera shells. Divers love to relax on Harbor Island: the "Pink Beach" has very clear waters and a rich underwater world.

Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece

Pink Sands Beaches
Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece, Pink Sands Beach

In the pink and blue waters of Balos Lagoon, Prince Charles and Princess Diana spent their honeymoon. This Greek beach is perhaps the least crowded in Crete. You can get to it by ferry from the city of Kissamos or by boat. Also, boat tours from the city of Chania go here. Three seas meet in Balos Bay: the Aegean, Ionian, and Libyan. And the best view of the bay opens from the Venetian fortress at the top of the once pirate and now uninhabited island of Gramvousa.

Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia, Italy

Pink Sands Beaches
Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia, Italy, Pink Sands Beach

The soft pink beach of Spiaggia Rosa is located on the tiny island of Budelli, north of Sardinia. It was closed in the 1990s due to tourists who took away pink sand in droves as a souvenir. But since 2006, you can dock here again by boat and admire the amazing beauty of the bay. It is strictly forbidden to take sand, shells, and pebbles from Budelli Island with you - you can be fined for this at the airport.

Komodo, Indonesia

Pink Sands Beaches
Komodo, Indonesia, Pink Sands Beach

Of the nearly 18,000 islands in Indonesia, Komodo alone has a pink beach. Pink Beach owes its color to coral chips and is known throughout the world also because it is home to the largest existing lizard in the world - the Komodo monitor lizard. Travelers come here to see rare reptiles and do not miss the opportunity to sunbathe on the sand of unusual color.

Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain

Pink Sands Beaches
Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain, Pink Sands Beach

The pink sand of Playa de Ses Illetes meets the azure waters of the Mediterranean in Spain on the island of Formentera, six kilometers south of Ibiza. It is one of the liveliest Balearic Islands with several hotels and fish restaurants nearby. And from Ibiza to the island there is a ferry.

Elbow Beach, Bermuda, Bermuda

Pink Sands Beach Bermuda
Elbow Beach, Bermuda, Bermuda, Pink Sands Beach

On the southern coast of Bermuda, there is the picturesque Elbow Beach. Most of the pink beach is located at the Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach Hotel. To relax in this heavenly place, you need to book a room.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Pink Sands Beaches Bermuda
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Pink Sands Beach Bermuda

Another pink coast on the island of Bermuda is in the Southampton area. Horseshoe Bay is shaped like a horseshoe, and the eponymous beach is one of the best diving spots on the island. If you go to the western part of the beach, you can get to the picturesque bay of Port Royal Cove, surrounded by rocks.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece

Pink Sands Beaches
Elafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece, Pink Sands Beaches

On the islet of Elafonisi, south of Crete, there is the amazing Elafonisi Beach with lilac sand, in which small fragments of shells, sea shells, and coral are mixed. You can see the pink sand even at depth - Elafonisi is famous for its crystal clear waters. The beach can be reached by wading: the island is separated from Crete by a narrow shallow channel.

Los Roques, Venezuela

Pink Sands Beaches
Los Roques, Venezuela, Pink Sands Beaches

Once Los Roques was a haven for pirate ships, and now it has become a favorite destination for travelers looking for a meeting with untouched corners of civilization. The Los Roques archipelago is a real coral atoll, and it is thanks to the corals, crushed by the waves of the sea into small crumbs, that the color of the sand (on the map) has a pink tint. Los Roques has been awarded the status of a Venezuelan National Park.