Taj Mahal, Beautiful Palace in India (with Map & Photos)

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Palace in India
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Taj Mahal is a white marble palace, one of the most grandiose monuments of Indian architecture with chic interior decoration and a stunning park. It is the last gift from the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to his late wife Mumtaz Mahal, and the main and most popular attraction in the country, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Legend of the Taj Mahal

An ancient and very beautiful romantic legend is associated with the Taj Mahal. The Indian Shah Jahan was fascinated by the beauty of the poor girl who traded in the local market and married her. Soon she became his beloved wife and lived with the Shah for 17 happy years. However, happiness was not destined to last forever, and Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to their fourteenth child. Jahan could not forget her and was never happy again.

Palace in India
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In memory of his beloved wife and the years of their family happiness, the Indian ruler ordered the construction of the most beautiful mausoleum in the world, which is not more beautiful in the whole wide world. The best architects and masters of India and Europe were involved in the work - about 20 thousand people in total. The construction lasted for 20 long years, and a luxurious structure was built on the banks of the Jamna River, which still delights everyone who sees it.

Despite numerous earthquakes in these parts, it has never been destroyed and has not suffered at all.

Park, architecture, interiors

The building of the mausoleum creates a unique architectural ensemble in combination with the park that is laid out around it. The entire structure is made of snow-white marble, the square facade is pierced by semicircular niches, and due to this it looks as if weightless, despite its massiveness. The "floating" impression is also created by the reflections of the facades in the canals of the gardens that surround the mausoleum. And the most amazing feature of this building is the ability to change its color depending on the time of day and the weather. In the rain, it looks as if it is translucent, in the morning it glows pink, and at sunset it glows with gold. The inner walls of the mausoleum are decorated with painted tiles and inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones and pearls.

Palace in India
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Previously, the luxury of the Taj Mahal was even more impressive: the entrance doors were made of pure silver, but like many other valuable interior items, they were stolen. Nevertheless, the Taj Mahal still impresses with its luxury and rich decoration.

Practical information

How to get there: Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra (200 km from Delhi). You can get there by any train that goes to Kolkata, Mumbai and Gwalior (they all go through Agra), the travel time is 2-3 hours. From Agra to the mausoleum - by rickshaw or taxi.

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