Reynisdrangar Rocks and Beach, Iceland (with Map & Photos)

The Reynisdrangar sea cliffs are located at the foot of Mount Reynisfjall, near a picturesque black sand beach.

These pointed basalt kekuras rise 66 meters from the ocean. Reynisfjara Beach, where the Reynisdrangar rock formations are located, is one of the ten most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world.

Reynisdrangar Rocks
Reynisdrangar Rocks

Reynisdrangar is the hallmark of the village of Vik . Arctic terns, fulmars and puffins nest here with might and main. According to one of the local legends, two trolls were pulling a three-masted ship that had run aground, but when the sun dawn caught them, they immediately turned to stone. According to legends, this happens to all trolls who did not have time to hide before dawn. So they forever remained standing right by the shore.

Where are the Reynisdrangar rocks?

The Kekuras Reinistrangar are located just off the main road on the southern coast of Iceland, 180 km east of Reykjavik.

GPS: 63.402778 N -19.028333 W

Dangerous waves

When visiting the Reynisdrangar Rocks on the east side of Vic, or on the Reynisfjara Beach side on the west, keep in mind that dangerous waves often rise here. In this place, they are especially strong and unpredictable.

Reynisdrangar Rocks

There have been several fatal accidents, so tourists are advised to take extra care when visiting the area. Do not forget the main rule, never turn your back to the ocean . Even if he seems calm to you, the waves can suddenly roll in strongly and carry you out to sea with sad consequences.

What else to see on Reynisfjara Beach?

The Reynisdrangar Rocks are just one of the many attractions of Reynisfjara Beach, which itself attracts with its black sand, roaring ocean waves and picturesque basalt columns created by nature.


Thanks to these beauties, Reynisfjara Beach has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland.

If you arrive in winter, you will have a great opportunity to watch the flashes of the northern lights dancing in the night sky over the Reynisdrangar cliffs.

Reynisdrangar Map