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Forum of Caesar, the first of the imperial forums of Rome
Forum of Caesar, the first of the imperial forums of Rome

The Forum of Caesar was opened by scientists relatively recently, although it is considered the first imperial forum erected on the territory of modern Rome. In 54 BC. e. Caesar instructed Cicero to buy a plot of land, on which in 54-46 BC. e. built a new forum as an extension of the Roman Forum, which was considered the main square of Rome. In the northern part of the forum there was the Temple of Venus the Progenitor - the patroness of the Julian clan - and the Silver Basilica, a kind of antique stock exchange. And now you can see the ruins of shops and workshops during the reign of Hadrian.

Forum of Caesar
Ruins of Caesar's Forum

Ancient sources also mention the majestic equestrian statue of Caesar and the statue of Cleopatra made of gilded bronze.

Despite its small size (170x75 meters), Caesar's Forum is very popular among tourists. This is primarily due to the name of the greatest commander, whose glory, despite the past centuries, is not going to fade and is not going to fade.

View of Caesar's Forum
View of Caesar's Forum and the Temple of Venus

The central building of the entire complex was the Temple of Venus, in which, according to documents compiled by ancient chroniclers, there was a huge statue of Venus and Caesar himself on horseback. They were made of bronze and plated with gold. The emperor did not forget about his beloved Cleopatra: her huge portrait also adorned one of the walls of the Temple of Venus. In addition to this majestic structure, which for several centuries aroused delight among the guests of Rome, the Silver Basilica was built, serving as a stock exchange, where money was exchanged.

Caesar Forum in Rome
Caesar Forum in Rome

After the assassination of Caesar, the forum of the emperor began to gradually decline and only in 113 AD. e. revived again thanks to the reconstruction carried out by order of Trajan. Unfortunately, now you can only see the ruins that keep the memories of the great emperor of Rome. However, numerous tourists can see that the excavations on the territory of the Caesar Forum continue. Thanks to them, more and more details are becoming known about the construction of the Forum of Caesar and the emperor himself, in whose honor, by the way, not so long ago, a bronze copy of the statue was installed on the territory of the ruins of the Forum of Caesar, the original of which is in the Capitol.

It is possible to bypass the forum measuring 170 by 75 meters in a very short period of time, and after that we can safely say that it was possible to touch the unfading glory of Gaius Julius Caesar himself.

Address: Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome