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The Bronx Zoo, the oldest and largest zoo in the United States, is located on an impressive area of ​​more than 100 hectares in the southern part of this area of ​​New York. More than 6,000 animals from all over the world live and feel great (as evidenced by the regularly appearing offspring) in meticulously recreated areas of the Earth's ecozones. African savannas and Wild West, seabird and waterfowl sanctuary, butterfly garden and baboon sanctuary, tiger mountain, Madagascar and mouse house - all corners of the Bronx Zoodo not count! The highlight of the program is the daily animal feeding and the petting zoo, where the youngest tourists in New York can pet and feed our younger brothers. An additional pleasant moment is free admission on Wednesdays (however, in a crowd of people who wish it may not be very convenient to look at the zoo's inhabitants).

Bronx Zoo, New York City
Bronx Zoo

A bit of history

The Bronx Zoo was founded in 1899 in a vacant lot in the southern part of the area. From the first years, its most important task was to preserve endangered species, and the zoo continues to perform this honorable function today. So, it was here in the early 20th century that the North American bison were saved from extinction: the offspring of the livestock in the Bronx Zoo were used to repopulate the Great Plains region.

Bronx Zoo, New York
Bronx Zoo

What to see

At the entrance to the zoo, take a free map: so you can not only easily find the animals you are interested in, but also find out the feeding schedule for fur seals and penguins, and in the summer also the time of the monorail departure through the wilds of Asian forests and camel rides.

Bronx Zoo Animals
Bronx Zoo

Choose a continent, a natural area or specific animals to your liking - and off you go! Among the recreated ecozones are African savannas (lions, hyenas, zebras), the Great Plains (bison), Congo forests (gorillas), the highlands of the Himalayas (snow leopard and red panda), jungles (langurs, gibbons and tapirs) and Madagascar (Nile crocodiles) lemurs, fossas and boas). In the "World of Birds", the House of Waterfowl and Sea Birds, the "World of Reptiles", the Butterfly Garden and the Mouse House, animals are collected without reference to geographic regions.

Bronx Zoo, New York, Animals
Bronx Zoo

The delight of children and adults is guaranteed in the Giraffe House, where guests are greeted by amazing aardvarks, similar at the same time to a pig, kangaroo and rabbit.

The baboon reserve is inhabited not only by these monkeys, but also by the Nubian ibex and hyraxes. At the mammalian pool, visitors can't take their eyes off the California sea lions. We also recommend appreciating the grace of animals on Tigrina Gora and watching grizzlies and polar bears.

Practical information

Address: New York, Bronx, Southern Blvd 2300. The nearest subway station is Asia Gate. Website.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00. From April to October on weekends, the zoo closes at 17:30, from November to March, all days of the week, at 16:30.

Bronx Zoo Map