Beaches in Key West, Hotels, Florida Keys (with Map & Photos)

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Key West is a popular beach resort and capital of the Florida Keys, located on the island of the same name. A real tropical paradise, where even the harsh police cars say that they are guarding its gates - "protecting paradise".

Key West Beaches
Key West Beaches

It is also the most populous and funniest city in the archipelago, with 30% of the total population of the Florida Keys.

Cruise ships with tourists come here almost round the clock. But most of course comes by land. Who can you not meet in this city! And poor students, and staid pensioners, and the princess of Monaco and even Madonna herself, who loves to be in this island city.

Hotels on Beach in Key West
Key West Beaches

A bit of history

Key West was once an incredibly wealthy city: the locals lived by collecting stocks of shipwrecks washed ashore. This was in 1889, and in 1930 Key West was declared bankrupt. But those days are long gone, and now the residents of the city live only on the money that tourists leave here. The latter, I must say, do not skimp, and they spread round sums for a vacation in a paradise.

Key West Beaches Map