Wuhou Temple, Chengdu, China (with Map & Photos)

Wuhou Temple (武侯宮) located in the southern suburbs of Chengdu, is the most famous of those built in honor of Zhuge Liang, who lived from 181 to 234. This is one of the most significant historical figures in China. Zhuge Liang was a respected minister and military strategist at the court of Emperor Liu Bei (161-223), who ruled the kingdom of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Era. There is also a part dedicated to the emperor in the temple. During his lifetime, Zhuge Liang was awarded the title of Wuxiang Hou (Marquis of Wuxiang). Hence the name of the temple. The temple is one of the main attractions in Chengdu. During the tour, you can see the statues of the emperor and his marquis, old documents and other evidence of the era.

Wuhou Temple Chengdu China
Wuhou Temple Chengdu China


The temple is located in the southern suburb of Chengdu. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province.


To truly appreciate this temple complex, you need to know the main historical moments of that time. The era of the three kingdoms lasted from 220 to 280. During this time, China was divided into three rival kingdoms: Wu, Shu, and Wei. The area around the ancient city of Chengdu was part of the Shu kingdom, ruled by its first king, Liu Bei. The main assistant to the king was Zhuge Liang. Despite the initial successes and efforts of Zhege Liang, the kingdom's troops were subsequently defeated, and it ceased to exist.

Wuhou Temple Chengdu China 2
Wuhou Temple Chengdu China

Features of the Wuhou Temple

On the territory of the complex occupying 37,000 sq. m., it's nice to walk. It has many paths lined with cypresses.

The complex is divided into five sections: Main Gate, Second Gate, Liu Bei Hall, Corridor and Wuhou Temple (Zhuge Liang Hall). Inside the buildings, one can see clay sculptures of the Shu ruler and his ministers, as well as many stone slabs with lines from poems and sayings. The most valuable and famous of the slabs dates from the eight hundred and fifth year; its height is more than three and a half meters. It is called the Slab of Triple Success - because three people took part in its creation at different times. This is one of the famous monuments of Chinese literature and calligraphy.

Wuhou Temple Chengdu China 3
Wuhou Temple Chengdu China

The necessary information

The temple complex is open from 8:00 am to 5:50 pm.

How to get there

There is a railway nearby. Shuangliu International Airport is also nearby.

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