The Most Interesting Places to Travel (with Map & Photos)

The strains of the pandemic are finally weakening and now is the time to indulge yourself. From the fresh, cool air of Switzerland to the serene culture of Australia, discover the healthiest and most exciting travel destinations to explore and improve your spiritual, physical and mental well-being in 2021.

The most interesting places to travel
The most interesting places to travel


Sedona, Arizona is known for its luxury hotels and wellness centers, but did you know that there are spiritual vortexes in Sedona that sit at the intersection of the earth's natural electromagnetic energy, also known as ley lines. These vortices amplify whatever comes in contact with it, making Sedona a tremendous amplifier for meditation and self-exploration.

The four most famous whirlpools are located in the Mesa Airport area, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. You will definitely feel inspired, energized and revitalized after visiting one of these whirlpools.


Switzerland consistently ranks high in health and happiness ratings. The combination of culture, natural beauty and simplicity of life creates a healthy atmosphere around them.

Take a look back in time - chocolate, yodling and fondue are the pinnacle of personal care in Switzerland. Fast food restaurants aren't on every corner, and shops are closed on Sundays, literally triggering impulsive cravings and last-minute sugar itching. Switzerland thrives on its wealth, not its economic strength.


Iceland boasts some of the cleanest water in the world, and the hot springs that power your mind and body are scattered throughout. The healing hot springs are rich in minerals that help relieve various pains and diseases. Waters such as the Blue Lagoon have lower pollution levels; therefore the air is healthier there than in many other parts of the world.

The most interesting places to travel
The most interesting places to travel

Iceland also follows strict environmental regulations that allow for healthier food production. For example, they use greenhouses without a ton of pesticides.


From mouth-watering cuisine - a plate of fresh vegetables with pasta - to the serene coves of the Mediterranean islands with a relaxing atmosphere, historical sites and cultural gems guaranteed to win your heart.

When you're not feeding your soul food, fill your days with ancient Greek temples, Roman ruins, and Norman buildings.


Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Food, culture, clothing, and tradition are some of the fascinating aspects of one of the five healthiest nations, according to Bloomberg.

Traditional forms of exercise such as martial arts, along with meditation and mindfulness practice, enable Japan to become a health-conscious country.


Spain's wonderful life, close-knit families and bustling cities all contribute to a healthy lifestyle, which is the main indicator of overall happiness. As in Japan, walking is considered a cultural pastime in Spain.

The most interesting places to travel
The most interesting places to travel

Siesta is one of the most famous aspects of the refreshing Spanish lifestyle. In theory, this is that dead period at the end of the day when everything shuts down so everyone can take a nap.


The Swedish philosophy of "lagoma" - which roughly translates to "not too much and not too little" - encourages moderation and a healthy work-life balance.

Their serious approach to exercise and compulsory coffee and cake breaks is the cherry on top of the King and Queen of Sweden's Drottningholm Palace, a wide range of museums (such as the James Bond Museum, Vasa Museum, Swedish Air Force. Museum and Skasen), and Astrid's World Lindgren ”, a wonderful combination of stories and fun by the famous writer Pippi Longstocking, Sweden is a Scandinavian dream.

Nearly all Scandinavian cities are designed for carefree cycling, so sightseeing can be fun, inexpensive and keep fit.