Hillsborough Castle, United Kingdom (with Map & Photos)

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Hillsborough Castle, located in County Down, is a large old mansion. It is home to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, as well as members of the royal family who stay here, stopping by to relax in the province.

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Hillsborough Castle

The castle was built in the 18th century by the Marquess family of Downshire. The descendants of the Marquess lived here until 1922, when they decided to sell the mansion to the government. Beginning in 1924, Hillsborough Castle was the seat of the Governor of Northern Ireland, but in 1973 this position was officially abolished and the former official was forced to pack his bags. At one time, many of the decisive negotiations that led to the signing of the Belfast Agreement took place at the secretariat at Hillsborough Castle.

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Hillsborough Castle

The Hillsborough Castle is a two-story building, where each of the entrances is decorated with Ionic columns, and a cozy courtyard is decorated with flower beds, laid out with the neatness typical of the British. There is a small garden nearby.

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Hillsborough Castle

It seems that British politicians choose this place for important negotiations for a reason - the situation here is definitely conducive to constructive communication.

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