Appleby Castle, United Kingdom (with Map & Photos)

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Appleby Castle is located in the Eden River area in the city of Appleby. It is built on top of a large hill and covers about 25 acres.

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Appleby Castle

In the first few centuries, the castle was constantly passed from one owner to another, until it fell into the hands of the Clifford family, who owned it for 400 years.

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Appleby Castle

At the moment, the main building of the former courtyard remains from the Appleby Castle, as well as two buildings of the outer courtyard, including the stable.

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Appleby Castle

In the Middle Ages, the castle looked like a fortress, which was surrounded by a stone wall and a moat. The main building was the Norman citadel, located in the western part of the castle. In the 17th century, a two-tiered Great Hall and a mansion were added to the castle. To the chagrin of tourists, Appleby Castle is now closed.

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