Walzin Castle, Dinant, Belgium (with Map & Photos)

Walzin Castle

The Walzin Castle was built on a rock above the river Les.

Walzin Castle is one of the largest castles in Belgium, it was built in the 11th century by the Bishop of Liege Ditvin (Theoduin) of Bavaria as an observation and defensive point. Since the owners of the castle held important posts and constantly participated in military conflicts, the fortress was often besieged, captured and destroyed.

Walzin Castle (Château de Walzin)
walzin castle

At the end of the 16th century, the next owner of the estate restored the destroyed buildings and expanded the castle. During the French Revolution, Walzin suffered greatly, all archives were destroyed. The castle was restored twice: the first time in 1881 (architect Emile Jeanlet) and in 1930-1932 (Olivier Flanneau). After the restoration work, the fortress acquired the romantic look that is now widely known.

The author of the Brussels Botanical Garden project Louis-Julien Breidel worked on the planning of the gardens.

Walzin Castle Château de Walzin
walzin castle

Now Walzin Castle is owned by the Count and Countess de Limburg-Stirum, direct descendants of Henry IV the Duke of Limburg and Guillaume de la Marc, nicknamed the Ardennes Boar.

Because of the inspiring romantic appearance that is displayed in works of art and literature, Walzin is sometimes called the "Belgian Neuschwanstein". The castle can only be admired from afar, as access to it is closed.

Walzin Castle Map