River Loisach, Bavarian Alps, Germany (with Map & Photos)

river loisach

The River Loisach originates in the Troy province, and near the Bavarian Alps flows into the deep Isar River. The river is 114 kilometers long and the maximum depth is only 140 centimeters. However, despite such a shallow depth, three small power plants have been built on the River Loisach. In addition, a modern underwater power plant is planned to be built on the river soon.

river loisach 1
River Loisach

The River Loisach is famous among fans of extreme types of recreation. In summer, rafting and rafting competitions are regularly organized here. In its valley there are small tourist centers, mostly visited by people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax.

River Loisach 2
River Loisach

Description of River Loisach

Loisach - a river in Germany, flows through the land of Bavaria, river index 164. The total length of the river is 114 km. The height of the source is 1060 m. The height of the mouth is 565 m. The river system of the river is Isar → Danube.

River Loisach Map