Egypt's Red Sea Riviera, Gulf of Aqaba (with Map & Photos)

Red Sea Riviera Egypt

The Red Sea Riviera is usually called the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. This is due to the good conditions for recreation and the numerous hotels. Sharm el-Sheikh has become a real tourist capital of the whole region, which is located where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aqaba. Therefore, it is often possible to hear that the Egyptian (Red Sea) Riviera in Sharm el-Sheikh has found its popularity among multimillion tourists.

Red Sea Riviera Egypt 2
Red Sea Riviera Egypt

Several geographic facts

Today Sharm el-Sheikh is located 35 kilometers off the coast of the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera. Residential areas and an endless line of hotels also stretch here. The Nabq region occupies the north of the Egyptian Riviera resort Sharm el-Sheikh. It is located very close to the airport, but you should not be afraid of the noise of airliners taking off - you can hardly hear it. However, the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera, like all nature, has surprises and is unpredictable. So in Nabq, strong winds and a wide coastal reef may be the only negative. But the strip between the edge of the reef and the coast will allow those who appreciate shallow water and a gentle entrance to enjoy the sea, as well as provide an opportunity to get to know the Riviera.

Red Sea Riviera Egypt 3
Red Sea Riviera Egypt

To the south of Nabq in Sharm el-Sheikh there is Shark's Bay, famous among divers. This is a special place on the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera. After all, it is enough to stay at one of the local hotels to see the entire fauna of the Red Sea, avoiding the need for numerous excursions. Surprisingly, all the beauties of the underwater kingdom can be found in one place on the Riviera.

Red Sea Riviera Egypt 4
Red Sea Riviera Egypt

A tourist path

And for entertainment there is a direct road to Naama Bay - a real center of nightlife with discos, nightclubs, cafes, endless shops. By the way, the Old Market, famous among tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh, is located in the south in the Sharm el-Maya region.

Red Sea Riviera Egypt 5
Red Sea Riviera Egypt

Despite the fact that the Red Sea Riviera recently acquired such a popular young resort, which can only partly boast of sights, there is still something to see. First of all, the Colored Canyons of the Riviera are worth a visit, which are narrow crevices in the rocks and look like a layer cake due to the multi-colored rock. Monument rocks can be seen in the White Canyon.

Red Sea Riviera Egypt 6
Red Sea Riviera Egypt

Numerous excursions to the places of the Lost Land will allow you to see the amazing creations of nature that have been created over a million years. It is worth noting that the Lost Land has recently been opened for tourists. A tour of the Riviera takes a whole day, since only one way the road takes 220 kilometers. But tourists can see the canyons, the ancient Roman road. The Riviera is also unique in that from one point you can see four countries at once. On average, such a walk costs $ 80. But the impressions received are priceless. The Egyptian Red Sea Riviera is a paradise for relaxation.

Red Sea Riviera Map