Percé Rock, Québec, Canada (with Map & Photos)

Percé Rock Canada

Percé Rock
- one of the most beautiful rocks in the world with a natural arch; a rock formation in the province of Québec in Canada. The rock is located at the very end of the earth. This is how the name of the Gaspé Peninsula in the St Laurent Strait is translated. At low tide you can even get to the rock on foot, and during high tides it is almost inaccessible, but you can admire it from afar. Percé Cliff is included in the 1000 popular sights of the world according to our website.

Percé Rock Canada 2
Percé Rock Canada

Percé Rock - Not only hunters for the history of the most "French" province in Canada come here, but also gold seekers. The fact is that around the cliff there are legends about a mysterious treasure, safely hidden at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula by a sea wolf named Duval. Until now, no one has found these treasures, but desperate treasure hunters do not lose faith. And yet the most important value of the Percé Rock lies in its natural beauty. In fact, it is a gigantic vertical rock that is part of the Appalachians.

Percé Rock Canada 3
Percé Rock Canada

These are the main dimensions of the rock: length - about 440 m, width - 90 m, height - 15 m. Initially, there were two naturally formed arches in the cliff, but in the middle of the 19th century one of them collapsed. Perhaps, due to erosion, after tens of thousands of years, the rock will completely disappear from the face of the earth. Indeed, already now, it is losing 300 tons of weight annually. In the meantime, it is one of the most picturesque mountain formations in Canada.

Percé Rock Canada 4
Percé Rock Canada

Percé Rock - This natural wonder is protected by the state and, together with the peninsula, is included in the Bonavanture Island and Percé Cliff National Park. By the way, the first European who discovered the rock and described it in his diary was Jacques Cartier. He also laid the foundation for the French colonization of North America in the 16th century. You can get to your destination by bus from Québec. The city closest to the cliff is 75 km away. It is called that - Mr. Percé.

Percé Rock Map