Osorno Volcano in Puerto Varas, Chile (with Map & Photos)

Osorno Volcano

The Osorno volcano is the main attraction of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park and the entire region. Its almost perfect cone with a snow-capped cap is visible from afar and serves as a kind of photo greeting from the Chilean side of the Lake District.

Wonderful views of the volcano open from Puerto Varas and Frutillara, from the Lianquihue and Todos Los Santos lakes, from the Petroue waterfalls and many other scenic spots. The snow-covered dome of Osorno Volcano is very similar in shape to the Japanese Fujiyama, which undoubtedly adds to its attractiveness.

Osorno Volcano 2
Osorno Volcano

Despite the rather mild climate of these places, the top of the volcano is always covered with snow - over the summer it simply does not have time to melt. Osorno's height is 2652 meters.

Osorno Volcano 3
Osorno Volcano

Osorno Volcano is an active stratovolcano, considered one of the most active in the Chilean Andes. On January 19, 1835, Charles Darwin watched its eruption during his trip to South America. Once upon a time, streams of incandescent lava spread over the surroundings, and today its frozen remains can be found everywhere and in the most unexpected places.

Osorno Volcano 4
Osorno Volcano

An excellent new road leads to the top of the Osorno Volcano; from above, a stunning panorama of the picturesque surroundings opens up - transparent lakes, picturesque villages (in the German style), dense forests and clouds that are just under your feet.

Osorno Volcano 5
Osorno Volcano

Speaking of the clouds - when going on a tour of Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, an experienced local guide kept looking at the top of the Osorno Volcano, and then decided to go up to the panoramic platform first of all, so that he could slip through before the clouds covered it. We made it in time and the view was stunning! On the way back, during the descent, the guide drove onto the old road and suggested walking about twenty meters - admiring the Osorno Volcano soaring overhead, the road leaning against the clouds and enjoying the ringing silence. Which we recommend to you. Contact us and we will share our impressions.

Osorno Volcano Map