Cubango Okavango River, Botswana (with Map & Photos)

Okavango River Botswana

The Okavango River is an unusual river, thanks to its waters in the center of Africa, the Garden of Eden blooms. In the middle of the sands of the Kalahari Desert, life flourishes: thickets of papyrus sway, antelopes, lions, elephants, and herons gather for watering. People are also attracted to these places.

Okavango River Botswana 2
Okavango River Botswana

The Okavango River originates in Angola, flows on a small section of the route through Namibia and finally comes to Botswana. At first, the river is rather narrow, but as it moves to the south, its channel widens and in the delta region the width of the river can reach 20 km. 

Okavango River Botswana 3
Okavango River Botswana

Descending from the highlands of Angola, the river spreads over a large and flat plain. Without changes in altitude, the speed of the current slows down and the river cannot punch its way. Therefore, in the Kalahari Desert, the Okavango breaks up into many channels, forming a wide delta. That is why we can say that the Okavango River "flows" into the desert.

Okavango River Botswana 4
Okavango River Botswana

Interesting Facts:

  1. The Okavango Delta is the second largest in the world after the Niger Delta.
  2. The Okavango River flowed into a large lake in the South of Botswana - Makhadikhadi millions of years ago, but about 10,000 years ago it began to dry up.

Okavango River Botswana 5
Okavango River Botswana

Nothing living can live without water. Therefore, all animal life is concentrated around the river. During the dry season, the delta dries up and the animals have to congregate in large numbers in relatively small areas.

Okavango River Botswana 6
Okavango River Botswana

By the way, you can follow what is happening on the Okavango River using . New videos about the life of lions in Botswana and not only are uploaded on it.

Okavango River Botswana 7
Okavango River Botswana

To protect the river delta from poaching and industrial livestock raising, the government of Botswana has decided to develop tourism. But permission to visit these unique places is given only to 4000 people per year and it costs a lot (from 1500 Euros per night). So the government is trying to protect the delta from the destructive effects of mass tourism.

Okavango River Botswana 8
Okavango River Botswana

At the end of the sad. The Okavango River is under threat. The construction of a dam in Angola and a water pipeline in Namibia is approaching inexorably. As a result, the water in the delta will become much less than it is now and the natural balance in the ecosystem will be disrupted.

Okavango River Map