Lake Morskie Oko, Tatras, Poland (with Map & Photos)

Morskie Oko Poland

A real miracle of nature, Morskie Oko, which is located in the Tatras, is one of the largest, deepest and cleanest lakes in Poland. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks and dense forests.

Morskie Oko Poland 2
Morskie Oko Poland

Here all the elements of the natural landscape are harmoniously combined, which forms an area of ​​incredible attraction for tourists, adventure lovers and fans of outdoor activities. A trip to Morskie Oko will definitely not leave indifferent either adults or children.

Morskie Oko Poland 3
Morskie Oko Poland

Historical information about the lake Morskoe Oko

For the first time, mention of the reservoir was found in documents dating from the end of the 16th century. Later, in the 19th century, the reservoir and its surroundings became the subject of a dispute between Hungary and the then Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. In the course of lengthy court proceedings, it was decided that the area belonged to the Poles.

Morskie Oko Poland 4
Morskie Oko Poland

During the same period of time, the lake became a tourist attraction. The first buildings were erected near the lake in 1836, but 30 years later they were destroyed by fire. In 1874, new buildings were rebuilt, and in 1898 everything burned down again.

Morskie Oko Poland 5
Morskie Oko Poland

The next outstanding event, which is associated with the Sea Eye, dates back to 1902. This date marks the construction of a road from the city of Zakopane, which bears the name “Oswald Balzer Road”.

Poland has officially been the owner of the lake and the adjacent territories since 1933, that is, since the return of sovereignty to the Polish Republic.

Poles treat this natural area with special trepidation and attention.

In PolandMorskie Oko and many other lakes in the vicinity are part of the state-protected Tatra National Park.

Morskie Oko Poland 6
Morskie Oko Poland

Features of the Sea Eye

Lake Morskie Oko has long attracted people's attention. Therefore, many legends have been created about its origin. According to one of them, the reservoir has an underground channel that connects it to the Mediterranean Sea.

Morskie Oko Poland 7
Morskie Oko Poland

The second legend is more romantic and sophisticated. She claims that once in this area lived the gentry Morskie, who had a faithful wife and five daughters. One day he went hunting, but never came back. The nobleman's wife was looking for and waiting for her beloved for a long time. She shed pure tears, from which a transparent lake was formed.

However, according to scientific research, the Sea Eye was formed due to the melting of glaciers at the turn of the 12-13th millennium BC.

Morskie Oko Poland 8
Morskie Oko Poland

Geographic features

The lake is surrounded on all sides by a powerful mountain system, which rises 1000 meters above the water surface. The most famous peak and at the same time the highest point in the Tatras is Rysa Peak. There are also the peaks Mengushovetii and Mnih. In height, they exceed two thousand meters.

The area of ​​Morskie Oko is approximately 3500 acres or 35 hectares. The largest recorded depth is 50.8 meters.

Morskie Oko Poland 9
Morskie Oko Poland

Flora and fauna of the lake and its surroundings

The lake is surrounded by a pine forest. The most common member of the pine family is the European cedar pine.

Many plants grow in the thick of the forest and on the mountain slopes. Among which 102 species are protected, of which 28 species are threatened with extinction. Many plants belong to various sections of the Red Book. In spring crocuses and edelweiss flaunt on the slopes.

Morskie Oko Poland 10
Morskie Oko Poland

There are many trout in the cool, clean lake.

Earlier, Morskie Oko was called "Fish Lake" due to the natural reserves of salmon.

In this area, such representatives of the fauna are found: roe deer, chamois, marmots, bears, ducks.

Morskie Oko Poland 11
Morskie Oko Poland


Morskie Oko is a wonderful lake and a unique symbol of the Tatra National Park. This attraction must be included in the must-see list of every traveler who is lucky enough to be in the southern part of Poland near the border with Slovakia. A visit to this place will provide an opportunity to experience unity with nature and admire the breathtaking panoramic views.

Morskie Oko Map