Longsheng Rice Terraces, China (with Map & Photos)

longsheng rice terraces china

Longsheng Rice Terraces
 in the form of stepped terraces flow down the slopes of mountains in Guangxi province, China. The average height above sea level is 600-800 m. The construction of terraces began in 1206-1370 during the Yuan dynasty, lasted for almost 700 years and ended only at the beginning of the 20th century. This work was extremely difficult and painstaking. The name of the Longsheng Rice Terraces can be translated as the ridge of a dragon - the rows of terraces resemble the scales of a dragon, and the ridge resembles its back.

longsheng rice terraces china 2
Longsheng Rice Terraces China

We got there in the evening. The hotel can only be reached on foot. Porters or pack horses bring everyone to the village. The hotel turned out to be surprisingly cozy - everything is made of wood and the view from the windows is amazing. What's more interesting - there is no electricity during the day, only by 20:00 the generator is turned on and the light appears. So, having unloaded our things, we immediately went to see off the sunset.

As always, there was little time on this journey and we only managed to reach 2 viewpoints, and even then on the second one after sunset. Since I still wanted to shoot, I decided to stay tomorrow without breakfast. While everyone is eating, run to the observation deck and see the sunrise as well.

longsheng rice terraces china 3
Longsheng Rice Terraces China

The night was very hectic in Longsheng Rice Terraces - either acclimatization or unusual food affected. The temperature jumped up and the next day it kept. The high doses of drugs helped, but the next day was unpleasant. Getting sick is almost the worst thing that can happen abroad. In the morning I was lucky with the weather - beautiful clouds lay at the foot of the mountain and the sunrise gently stroked the mountains. After breakfast we left so that we descended directly into the clouds. Fog and mountain serpentine - the descent was very sharp.

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Longsheng Rice Terraces China

It is best to shoot here in spring, when there is water on the terraces. From season to season, Longsheng Rice Terraces change their outfit and color. The place is quite touristy, but lively and real. Local tribes actually grow rice in these mountains and live a humble peasant life.

Longsheng Rice Terraces Map