Lanín National Park, Neuquén, Argentina (with Map & Photos)

Lanín National Park

Lanin National Park
(Spanish Parque Nacional Lanin) is located in the province of Neuquén (Spanish Provincia de Neuquén); today it covers an area of ​​380 hectares. The park was founded in 1937 in order to preserve for future generations the unique ecosystem of the region with its diverse flora and fauna.

Lanín National Park 2
Lanín National Park

Argentina stretches for thousands of kilometers - from Antarctica, the southernmost continent, to the impenetrable jungle in the north; its nature is incredibly diverse. This amazing country has a huge number of natural attractions: many kilometers of beaches and some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, vast deserts and picturesque waterfalls, dense forests and endless expanses of southern Patagonia (Spanish Patagonia Sur).

Lanín National Park 3
Lanín National Park

Argentina has 33 National Parks in addition to numerous protected areas of regional rank. Currently, there are 7 natural sites in the country that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Lanín National Park 4
Lanín National Park

Attractions of the park

Lanin, which is an important part of the Argentine Lake District, borders on the National Park Nahuel Huapi (Spanish: Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi) and with its amazing landscapes repeats in many ways its southern "brother".

The park area is divided into northern, southern and central parts.

Lanín National Park 5
Lanín National Park

Of course, the main attraction and decoration of the Lanin National Park is the volcano of the same name , the snow-capped peak of which is visible from almost anywhere in the reserve. The almost perfect cone-shaped volcano, whose height is about 3800 m, is considered inactive.

Lanín National Park 6
Lanín National Park

If Lanin volcano rose in some less beautiful country than Argentina, then it would undoubtedly become a national pride and a symbol of the state. And here Lanin is "just" the symbol of the province of Neuquén, flaunting on its flag and sung in a hymn.

Lanín National Park 7
Lanín National Park

Anyone who wants to climb to the very top of the volcano should acquire special equipment; for safety reasons, you should not go hiking without an instructor. But the difficulties of climbing the mountain pay off with interest: the higher you climb, the more breathtaking the panorama of the park, surrounded by mountain ranges, becomes. A magnificent view of the Andes opens from the top of the crater .

Lanín National Park 8
Lanín National Park

The park also has picturesque lakes - Lakar (Spanish Lago Lacar), Uechulafken (Lago Huechulafquen) and Alumine (Spanish Lago Aluminum). In them, as in numerous rivers and channels, it is allowed to go in for sports fishing for salmon and trout.

Hiking trails run through the entire park, crossing lush natural forests and beautiful glacial lakes with clear water.

Lanín National Park 9
Lanín National Park

The lake with the difficult to pronounce name Uechulafken lies next to the Lanin volcano. In translation from the Araucanian language "Huechulafquen" is translated as "big, long lake". Indeed, Uechulafken has dimensions: about 30 km long and 5 km wide, the water surface area is 104 km². Meanwhile, this lake is not only long, but also deep - its depth in some places reaches 800 meters.

Lanín National Park Map