Lake Lugano, Ceresio, Switzerland (with Map & Photos)

Lake Lugano Switzerland

Lake Lugano
is located on the border of two states - Italy and Switzerland. Italian speakers call him Lago di Lugano, or Ceresio (from the Latin name Ceresious).

Lake Lugano Switzerland 2
Lake Lugano Switzerland

The reservoir is in no way inferior in beauty to its "brothers" - other lakes in Switzerland: alpine peaks, strewn with greenery, alternate with pretty coastal towns. However, its merits do not end there.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 3
Lake Lugano Switzerland

Lake Lugano: geography

Lake Lugano - The reservoir has settled at the junction of Italy and Switzerland. Most of it went to the Swiss canton of Ticino (63 percent), while the Italian province of Como took the remaining 37 percent.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 4
Lake Lugano Switzerland

The total area of ​​the lake is almost 48.8 square kilometers: 30.7 square kilometers is located in Switzerland, when Italy got 18.1 square kilometers.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 5
Lake Lugano Switzerland

The maximum depth reaches 288 meters. Unlike its neighbor (in the territorial sense of the word) “brother” - Lago Maggiore - Lake Lugano has taken a higher position and is located at an altitude of 271 meters above sea level.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 6
Lake Lugano Switzerland

From a bird's eye view, Lake Lugano has a rather chaotic shape, and there is a reason for this. The reservoir was formed during the last ice age as a result of the collision of two glaciers. This circumstance also led to the "atypical" form.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 7
Lake Lugano Switzerland

Today, the Melide artificial dam divides the water surface into northern (27.5 square kilometers) and southern (20.3 square kilometers) basins. By the way, the latter gives rise to the small pool Laghetto (“small Lake”), located near the Swiss town of Ponte Tresa. Its area is 1 square kilometer.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 8
Lake Lugano Switzerland


Lake Lugano boasts a warm Mediterranean climate, which is so popular with southern flora and fauna. However, northern mountain breezes periodically come to the reservoir, which often cause bad weather.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 9
Lake Lugano Switzerland

Water quality

Unlike other Swiss reservoirs, Lake Lugano has the greatest environmental problems: a high concentration of phosphorus and a lack of oxygen lead to stagnant water. Between 1960 and 1970, Lake Lugano was even closed for swimming.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 10
Lake Lugano Switzerland

Over the years - thanks to the joint efforts of the Swiss and Italian authorities - the environmental situation began to return to normal. Today, oxygen deficiency is observed only at depth. Nevertheless, in this regard, Lake Lugano is considered the most problematic reservoir in Switzerland, which is confirmed by its dark green water color.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 11
Lake Lugano Switzerland


Lake Lugano has a significant variety of fish that attract hundreds of professional fishermen to their shores every year. Pike perch, trout, tench are just some of the inhabitants.

Local fishing is regulated by a corresponding agreement between Switzerland and Italy dated 1986.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 12
Lake Lugano Switzerland


Shipping on Lake Lugano is governed by a 1992 agreement between Italy and Switzerland. All passenger transportation is carried out by the Swiss transport company Societa Navigazione del Lago di Lugano. Accordingly, the flag of Switzerland flies over the ships.

Lake Lugano Switzerland 13
Lake Lugano Switzerland

Under the supervision of the transport company, there are about 11 ships that not only carry out cruise trips, but also deliver passengers to all cities on the shores of Lake Lugano.

Lake Lugano Map