Lake District National Park, England (with Map & Photos)

Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park 
is located in the north-west of England in the county of Cumbria, it covers almost 2300 square meters. km of mountainous territory with numerous forests, hills, swamps and lakes. The largest lakes are named: Ullswater, Windermere, Derwent-Water and Bassenthwaite.

Lake District
Lake District National Park

The national park is full of amazing landscapes and picturesque corners. It is believed that this particular area served as the prototype of the Lake District in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and was also sung by many artists and poets. There is even the concept of "Lake School", which includes poets of the 18th-19th centuries, who drew their inspiration there. These include famous personalities such as Coleridge and Wordsworth.

Lake District National Park 2
Lake District National Park

Due to its large size, it is unlikely that it will be possible to explore this national park in one day, it is better to spend a few days on a trip, it is worth it. You also need to be prepared for long walking routes: even if you have your own car, the tracks in the park are narrow, leaving your car on the road is very difficult, and free parking is rare. And good photos will not leave the car window.

Lake District 2
Lake District National Park

However, do not think that Lake District National Park is a remote wilderness without infrastructure: it is visited by up to 15 million tourists every year, so finding a place to eat and sleep will be easy, especially if you take care of the reservation in advance.

Lake District National Park 3
Lake District National Park

What to see in the Lake District?

It's hard to answer this question unequivocally: there are ancient castles, museums, ruined ancient fortresses and quiet lake shores with incredible views - everyone can find something for themselves. For an approximate orientation when drawing up routes, there are several significant places that will be interesting to see for almost any tourist:

Lake District 3
Lake District National Park

  • Lakes: Ullswater, Windermere, Keswick - you can take a walk on them by steamer or ferry. You can also walk along the shore, enjoying the picturesque places.

  • The city of Keswick, which stands on the shores of the lake of the same name. It is a typical town for these places with its own peculiarities of life and architecture, there is also a pencil museum.

  • The Kastlrig Stone Circle is a structure created in the late Neolithic - early Early Bronze Age by the Celtic tribes. It is less grandiose than Stonehenge, but it will be very interesting for both adults and children to watch. The largest stone has the name Long Meg, they say that if you put your ear to the stone, you can hear his whisper.

  • Eyra Force Waterfall - has a pacifying calm atmosphere. This is the ideal place for those people who want to relax their mind and body.

  • Homestead of William Wordsworth.

  • Ruined Roman fortress in the Hardnot Pass Gorge.

As already mentioned, this is far from the whole list of interesting places, because any tourist, slightly moving away from the laid routes, can find a new interesting corner.

Lake District National Park 4
Lake District National Park

How to get there?

You can get to the national park by train - it takes 4 hours to get from London to Undermere. Or by car - you can get to the park from London along the A1 - A66 highways.

Lake District 4
Lake District National Park

Inside the park itself, it is better to use your own vehicle to move around, there is an opportunity to travel by regular buses and ferries, you can also take a bicycle. But it is worth warning in advance: the roads in the park are quite narrow, very winding, and in places steep - so cycling will not be easy, and you should travel very carefully by car.

Lake District National Park 5
Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park is the most visited place in the UK. He is very much loved not only by foreign tourists, but also by the British themselves. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this place, it is better to avoid visiting it during the autumn and spring holidays of UK schoolchildren - from practice, at this time the park has the largest influx of tourists.

Lake District National Park 6
Lake District National Park

Otherwise, it is pleasant to see Lake District in summer, when the park is completely surrounded by greenery, or in autumn, as it adds bright colors to nature. In winter, mountain peaks and hills are covered with snow, in spring - young greenery and the hubbub of birds. Each season gives this park its own charm, so you can visit it again and again.

Lake District National Park Map