Ladybower Reservoir, Derbyshire, England (with Photos)

At first glance, Ladybower Reservoir in the English county of Derbyshire is an unremarkable body of water. But when the reservoir of the reservoir is filled, an amazing sight opens up: two huge holes, funnels, into which water drains effectively, are formed in the water. We will tell you why these strange structures are needed.

Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England
Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England

The history of the reservoir

The construction of the reservoir began in 1935, but due to the war, construction was delayed until 1945. To build a reservoir and a dam, several nearby villages had to be flooded. The grand opening was attended by King George VI with his wife, Elizabeth, the Queen. At that time, Ladybower was the largest body of water in Britain.

Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England 2
Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England

Why do we need huge funnels on reservoirs?

The explanation is quite simple - these are weirs. They are needed so that the reservoir does not overflow and the water does not damage the dam. Once in the funnel, water flows out through a long tunnel and is discharged downstream of the river. When there is a lot of water, it covers the concrete edges of the structure, and a spectacular sight is obtained, reminiscent of a large whirlpool. The catchments are shaped like an inverted bell and are 24 m and 4.6 m in diameter - the largest in the world.

Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England 3
Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England

Locals on social media joke that the weirs are gates to the Underworld or tunnels that lead to Australia. And someone says that in childhood he was convinced: at the bottom of the reservoir there is a giant meat grinder.

How to get there?

If you want to photograph this unusual location, head to Derbyshire County. Distance from London: 232 kilometers. The journey by car will take about three hours.

Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England 4
Ladybower Reservoir Derbyshire England

The nearest settlement to the reservoir is Bamford, and the nearest major city is Sheffield. It can be reached by train from London St Pancras International station. Next ˗ by taxi or rented car.