Kelimutu Volcano, Indonesia (with Map & Photos)

Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia

The Kelimutu Volcano (1639 meters), located on the Indonesian island of Flores, is famous for crater lakes that change color from time to time. Natural bodies of water, in which various minerals are dissolved, change color every few years, becoming turquoise, red-brown, green or black. At the same time, color transitions occur independently of each other, which strengthens the faith of local residents in the supernatural origin of the place. According to the ancient myth, the souls of the dead find their peace and shelter in the Kelimutu lakes.

Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia 2
Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia

The source of the multi-colored shades and the reason for such a geological anomaly in the Kelimutu Volcano are the minerals that lie at the bottom of each of the lakes. They gradually dissolve in water, staining it as a result of chemical reactions. Volcanic lakes have their own names: Tiwi Ata Mbupu (translated as "Lake of Elders and Wise People"), Tiwu Nua Muri Kooh Tai ("Lake of Young Souls") and Tiwu Ata Polo ("Enchanted Lake of Evil Spirits").

Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia 3
Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia


An overnight stay in Moni village, the nearest village to Kelimutu Volcano, should be booked in advance, especially during peak dates (July and August). Guest houses usually organize transfers to the lakes at an additional cost. To see the sunrise on the volcano, you should leave Moni no later than four in the morning. This is the best time to visit the reserve not so much because of the sun-drenched scenic landscapes, but because of the weather conditions: in the afternoon, the lakes are often hidden by heavy fog. For a walk, you should choose warm and well-protected clothing from the wind, as well as bring a lantern, water and snacks. However, early in the morning, locals prepare tea and coffee for tourists on the trail.

Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia 4
Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia

How to get there

The Kelimutu Lakes are located in the central part of Flores Island, 60 kilometers northeast of the city of Ende and 105 kilometers southwest of the town of Maumere. They have small airports that receive flights from major cities in Indonesia - Denpasar, Kupanga, Labuan Bayo and Tambolak.

Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia 5
Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia

Travel time from Maumere, the largest of the two cities closest to Kelimutu, to the volcano is three to four hours, depending on weather conditions. The road passes through mountainous terrain and is quite exhausting, so most tourists, before visiting the lakes, stop in the small village of Moni for the night or a short rest. In addition, it is a convenient interchange point if you are traveling by regular buses; they travel to the village from Maumere and Ende several times a day. Buses also go to the crater from Moni, 15 kilometers from Kelimutu. They are very popular with the local population and, as a rule, they drive overcrowded, so the best way to get to the sights is by taxi, since the locals willingly give tourists a ride.

Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia 6
Kelimutu Volcano Indonesia


Kelimutu Volcano is located on the territory of the national park of the same name, located on the Indonesian island of Flores, part of the Lesser Sunda Islands group.

Kelimutu Volcano Map