Visit Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia (with Map & Photos)

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

is an amazingly beautiful peninsula in the north-east of Russia. It is a geologically very active region and at the same time one of the most aesthetically rich places on the planet. The nature of Kamchatka is a national and world heritage, therefore it is protected by law. The most significant sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 2
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

Harmony of ice and fire

The diversity of the Kamchatka Peninsula landscape is breathtaking. Smoking vents of active volcanoes, glaciers in extinct craters, fast mountain rivers that form impressive waterfalls, cedar dwarf trees and stone-birch forests, alpine meadows full of bright flowers, fields with hot healing springs, geysers and furamols erupting from the ground - all this is next to each other, whimsically combining and creating a beautiful picture. The creative power of nature created here harmony from contrasts.

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 3
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

In Kamchatka, you can look into the mouth of a volcano

Kamchatka Peninsula is a territory of active volcanism. Whichever direction you look, your eyes will certainly fall on the mountains. They have a very ancient origin, survived more than one powerful eruption, until they froze, forming a majestic picture. Almost three dozen volcanoes remain active to this day. Due to constant eruptions and earthquakes, the landscape of Kamchatka is changing.

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 4
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

Tourists who come here have a unique opportunity to climb volcanoes, look into their craters, see glaciers and mountain lakes in them, and, walking along the slope, feel the living breath of a fiery mountain. The routes were worked out so that an ordinary person could easily climb in a few hours. You can also admire the volcanoes from the air. During the helicopter excursions, an amazing chance is given to literally look into the mouth of an active volcano.

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 5
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

Coastal ocean waters - the treasure of Kamchatka

Surrounded on the western side by the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and on the eastern side by the Pacific Ocean, Kamchatka Peninsula is strongly influenced by this neighborhood. The ocean determines the climate and weather on the peninsula. He also gives his wealth to people. The coastal waters of Kamchatka are an amazingly interesting place for tourism. During boat trips you can see the most beautiful bays, visit picturesque islands, admire bird colonies and pinniped rookeries.

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 6
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

People have lived in Kamchatka Peninsula since ancient times. Indigenous peoples poeticized their native land, filling virtually every corner of it with legends and myths. Legends and legends are also associated with the islands located in the Avacha Bay. Recognizing them, you better understand the soul of Kamchatka.

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 7
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

Fishing lovers' dreams come true in Kamchatka

The fish wealth of the region can amaze even a sophisticated person. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of salmon rush to clean fresh lakes from the ocean to spawn. Other species of valuable fish constantly live in sea and lake water. Therefore, there are all conditions for fishing enthusiasts. Having received a license, a fisherman can devote himself entirely to his hobby at the permitted time. The catch from the stunning natural surroundings is unforgettable. In order to preserve the ecological balance, the most popular fishing method among tourists is "catch and release".

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 8
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

Kamchatka - bear paradise

The Kamchatka bear is truly the master of these places. A meeting with a clubfoot is an ordinary event here. But it is better to admire this animal from afar, so when the bear approaches, you need to create more noise. You can specially observe the habits of these large animals from a safe distance during spawning, when the grand bear hunt for salmon begins.

Kamchatka Peninsula Russia 9
Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

Travel in Kamchatka for every taste

The tourist infrastructure of Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia is developing every day. Guests are offered a variety of routes for every taste. Air and sea excursions, jeep tours, hiking trips, visiting such amazing places as the Valley of Geysers and the vicinity of the Kuril Lake, climbing volcanoes and much more - all this awaits tourists at any time of the year. However, the most popular season is from July to October.

Kamchatka Peninsula Map