Jardim do Mar 2024: Best Places to Visit (with Map & Photos)

Jardim do Mar Portugal

The name of the resort town Jardim do Mar in Portugal literally translates as “Garden by the Sea”. On its territory are the pebbly beaches of Portinho, Enseada and Vigia, washed by the clear Atlantic waters. Tourists are greeted by steep cliffs, bright wildflowers, grape and banana plantations.

Jardim do Mar Portugal 2
Jardim do Mar Portugal

Beach description

The beach complex does not provide amenities and lifeguard services for vacationers. Only Portinho is a welcome exception with a bar and shower. Until recently, access to the beaches was possible exclusively by sea.

Jardim do Mar Portugal 3
Jardim do Mar Portugal

Lacking a developed infrastructure, Jardim do Mar attracts most visitors with its isolation and fabulous landscapes. And the 8-meter waves made it the center of attraction for surfers and bodyboarders. This place is famous for hosting various competitions, including the 2001 World Surfing Championships.

Jardim do Mar Portugal Beach
Jardim do Mar Portugal

When is the best time to go

The beach season in Portugal lasts from early June to September, when the air temperature reaches + 30 ° C, and the water - + 19 ° C. It should be remembered that the Atlantic Ocean warms up poorly and cools quickly; lovers of a more comfortable water temperature can swim in natural stone pools, of which there are quite a few on the coast.

Jardim do Mar Map